The start of it all - the Carbonite story

CEO Dave Friend

Our Promise

We promise...
to keep your backup simple. Our product works automatically, so you never have to remember to back up. You can recover your files with just a few clicks and our customer support reps are available by phone, email and chat.

We promise...
to keep your files safe and private. It’s our top priority. Your files are encrypted before they leave your computer and encrypted again during transfer. Your files remain encrypted on our secure servers that are located in state-of-the-art data centers.

We promise...
to listen, and respond. We sincerely appreciate that you've taken time out of your busy life to try Carbonite, and we take your input very seriously. If you'd like to share your thoughts or suggestions with our Executive Chairman, David Friend, you can send him an email at

In 2005 my daughter Zoe, then a sophomore in college, called me one day uncontrollably sobbing. Her hard drive had crashed and she lost the term paper she had been working on for 6 weeks. And to make matters worse, her unsympathetic professor didn't want to hear any excuses. Coincidentally, just a few weeks earlier, Laurie, the wife of my business partner, had her laptop stolen out of her car. She ended up losing two years of baby pictures and financial records. Poof. Gone. Neither Zoe nor Laurie had bothered to back any of it up.

Jeff and I decided it was high time to get our families to back up their computers. Not so easy! Sure, we could spend Saturday afternoons burning a stack of CD ROMs, but who has the time? We could buy them external hard drives, but there's no way they'd remember to plug them into their laptops often enough to keep the backup up-to-date. We felt that cloud backup was the best way to go because it's professionally managed, automatic, and secure. But at the time, existing online backup services were really complicated and very expensive. Why couldn't someone offer backup that was simple and affordable? Something without technical jargon, ongoing user involvement, and capacity limits? Couldn't a backup service just run in the background, automatically protecting changes and new files on your computer?

Why couldn't someone offer backup that was simple and affordable?

That idea became Carbonite.

That idea became Carbonite.

With my partner Jeff Flowers, we turned this idea into a reality. Initially, we set out to help people like Jeff’s wife, Laurie, and my daughter, Zoe. And to our delight, our simple and affordable backup solution propelled Carbonite to prominence. But in the midst of this exponential growth and success we noticed something else: we weren’t just helping consumers, we were saving small businesses too! It became increasingly clear that the fundamental pillars on which Carbonite was founded (security, ease-of-use, and affordability) were applicable and desirable to small businesses, too.

We began to hear from new customers, like Manny Marin - a small business owner in San Diego, who had the rare misfortune of having an SUV drive right through his printing shop! Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the same could not be said for his computers and printing equipment – all of which, were damaged beyond repair. Despite this, Manny's small business was back up and running in mere hours, thanks to Carbonite. Because he had proactively protected his data in the Carbonite cloud, he was able to use Carbonite's Anytime Anywhere Access feature to gain instant access to his irreplaceable files.

Today, we’re humbled by the number of stories we hear, from small businesses like Manny's.

We’re so proud to have saved Doug Duncan’s small business in South Orange, NJ, which was nearly destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. In the wake of disaster, Doug found temporary office space a few towns away that hadn't been hit as hard by Hurricane Sandy. He fired up Carbonite and was able to restore his business data to new computers. In very little time, he was back up and running, taking care of his customers. Doug sent Carbonite one of the most significant notes I’ve ever received from a customer:

"If I didn’t have Carbonite, I would be out of business."

We have posted Doug’s comment at our headquarters as a reminder to each employee of how important our jobs are: We keep America's small business running.

I am proud to say that since we launched Carbonite in 2005, we've backed up more than 300 billion files and every day we back up more than 350 million files. More importantly, we have restored nearly 20 billion files that would have been lost forever without us. As these numbers continue to grow, we remain committed to our consumer and our small business customers.

I hope you will give Carbonite a try. And if you become a customer, feel free to write to me at if you have any questions or a story of your own.

David Friend, Executive Chairman

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