• From Cloud Lounge to Cloud Backup: A BlogHer 2013 Recap

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 31, 2013

    Summer is always a busy time for the Carbonite crew! While our Reseller team is down in Orlando for CompTIA’s ChannleCon, the PR team – and Captain Carbonite – just returned from this year’s amazing BlogHer conference in Chicago!

    From tech writers to crafty couponers to multi-tasking moms, we had the opportunity to chat with some amazing conference attendees at our cloud lounge, where they were able to relax, recharge and regroup.

    blogher cloud lounge booth

    We loved having the chance to educate an eager audience about backup. And it was so cool for us to hear firsthand how Carbonite had saved people’s business documents, family photos and even manuscripts!

    No one was more excited to hear about data disasters averted than Captain Carbonite.

    captain carbonite at blogher

    But we also heard some sad stories about baby pictures lost in a hard drive crash and power surges that deleted months of edits to files that weren't backed up. To avoid hearing these tragic tales next year, we gave a complimentary year of Carbonite Home backup to each attendee who visited the cloud lounge!

    We can’t wait to follow-up with everyone who dropped a card, or snagged a backup subscription! We’re definitely looking forward to hearing more stories about how the cloud saved the day – and the data.

    There were so many awesome keynotes, breakouts, booths and parties! If you didn't have a chance to make it to the cloud lounge we’d still love to hear from you!

  • Top Ten Reasons to Bring Summer Fridays to Your Office

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 14, 2013

    If you’re one of the lucky 12% of US workers enjoying Summer Fridays – congratulations! If not, we bet this e-card from someecards surely resonates.


    So let Carbonite, the Official Sponsor of Summer Fridays, help you explain to your boss why you deserve a few extra weekend hours now through Labor Day weekend. Just share the following list with your supervisor and you could be enjoying a change of scenery come Friday afternoon!

    Top Ten Reasons to Bring Summer Fridays to Our Office

    10. Spending some time in the sun is the best way to get the Vitamin D I need to stay healthy (i.e., Summer Fridays prevent sick days on Monday).

    9. 12% of U.S. workers already enjoy Summer Fridays. Let’s join the cool crowd!

    8. With Currents, I can send a file for to any of my collaborators to review and edit no matter where we are.

    7. Flexible schedules can increase retention and engagement.

    6. It would be awesome to have another reason to tweet about how amazing my workplace is.

    5. I can avoid burnout if we conduct our meetings via Google Hangout.

    4. The air conditioning is making the office a bit too cold for my liking.

    3. I recently heard that treats baked on a Friday afternoon taste best when shared with the boss on Monday morning.

    2. Happy employees are productive employees. And my cube-mates and were just talking about how we’re happiest by the pool.

    1. With my Carbonite Mobile app, my backed up files are accessible anytime, anywhere!

    If you really want to drive it home, make sure to create your own Summer Fridays request letter on our Facebook page. After being presented with a tailored letter and this list of reasons why Summer Fridays should be instituted in every office, your boss may even want to join you at the beach this Friday afternoon!

  • Kicking Off Summer Fridays!

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 31, 2013

    Summer is here, which means a lucky 12% of U.S. workers get to enjoy a few extra hours of sun and fun on Friday afternoons!

    Not a Summer Friday reveler (yet)? No worries, as the Official Sponsor of Summer Fridays, Carbonite is committed to helping you make the case for afternoons away from the office.

    For the 88% who need help petitioning their boss to implement Summer Fridays, Carbonite Cloud Libs can help.

    Using your key words, our generator will create an easily shareable letter explaining how you can stay connected to your documents, presentations, reports and other important business files wherever you are. What boss could deny a perk that boosts morale without affecting productivity?

    And while getting away from the office is nice, we really just want you to enjoy your time this summer without the stress of worrying about accessing your files when you’re not plugging away at your desktop.

    So during the month of June, ditch the cubicle for the cabana with Carbonite Mobile and our awesome contest! To enter, just check out of the office and into the Carbonite Facebook page, and answer the question: “Where would you use Carbonite to enjoy your Summer Friday?”

    Besides the peace of mind that comes from knowing their files are safe in the cloud, the winner will be able to view, save or share files while soaking up the fun of summer when using Carbonite on their new Google Nexus tablet courtesy of Staples. See, not only do we have your backup, but we’ve also got your back this summer!

    We understand if you don’t want to spend your newly acquired Friday free-time on the web, but make sure to check back throughout the summer to learn more tips and tricks for making your Summer Fridays count!

  • Good Things Come in Threes

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 16, 2013

    The Memorial Day long weekend is coming up and, since good things come in threes (that’s the way it goes, right?!), we’re celebrating with a special three months bonus offer on any new subscriptions for our blog readers and social media fans and followers!


    If you already follow our blog and our social handles, why not complete the trifecta and start backing up with Carbonite? Whether you need backup for your home or office (or home office), start a trial with code SOCIAL3 and we’ll add three bonus months to your subscription when you purchase.

    Of course we know that many of our Cloud Backup Blog readers and social fans are already happily backing up with us. So we’ve got some great ways for those customers to take advantage of this offer as well!

    • If you’re backing up all your personal data with a Home subscription, check out the offerings Carbonite has for your business.
    • Or, if you’re a Carbonite Business customer, why not try out Carbonite Home for your personal computer? 
    • Don’t have a business to back up? No worries, you can take advantage of the special offer by adding another computer to your Home account – and in addition to the bonus months, you’ll also receive a 5% discount!

    You don’t have to wait until the long weekend to enjoy this subscription extending promotion! It’s good now through the end of the month. Just enter SOCIAL3 when you start a trial. Current customers can apply the code when they purchase from within their account.

  • Boston Reflections

    by Lynnette Nolan | Apr 22, 2013

    It has been a shocking, sad and incredible week here in Boston, Carbonite's hometown.  So many Carbonite employees live in and around downtown and the areas in the news this past week – and we have been so amazed by the outpouring of support we saw from the community – from our customers and industry partners, and from stories we heard on the news and from our own neighbors and loved ones.

    The past week was intense and like nothing anyone has really experienced here before. But Boston is a city with a great, vibrant heart and it will recover, and while we are still recovering from a devastating tragedy, we are so overwhelmed by and grateful for the bravery and heroism of the first responders, all of our police and law enforcement agents, and all of our citizens. The spirit and heart of Boston will help us all to heal and bring us through.

    In the days that followed the explosions, there were quite a few extra cops in the neighborhood.  I talked to one who was just outside the Prudential Mall near our offices, and he said the increased police presence was simply to make people feel more comfortable. We certainly appreciate their work to keep us safe while the investigation progressed. Today, we are back in our offices at work, as are many other businesses, but we continue to contemplate the pain and suffering of those who lost relatives, children, and friends and those who are in the hospital recovering from grievous and traumatic injuries. 

    As we know so many people are generously giving to charities to support the Boston Marathon bombing victims, we wanted to share this article from Boston.com with info on how to be sure you are choosing your donation sites carefully. At Carbonite, we are proud to be donating to charitable organization One Fund Boston by matching any donations made by our employees.

    At 2:50 pm today, Carbonite will join Governor Deval Patrick and Mayor Thomas Menino – along with so many others, for a minute of silence in Boston and across the Commonwealth. We are Boston Strong.

  • Tackle Spring Cleaning

    by Lynnette Nolan | Apr 17, 2013

    Tackle Spring Cleaning

    Tax season has wrapped up, which means we’re on to the next daunting task – spring cleaning! But before you start stressing about your to-do list, take a deep breath; we’ve got some tips to help you tackle the digital component of getting your home (and life) organized!

    • Take it "byte-by-byte." Tackle files on your desktop, tablet and smartphone one at a time so you don't feel overwhelmed. And remember, just because you have the storage space on your device doesn't mean you need to keep every photo, document and email. It took a while to create the mess, so it will take some time to organize it. But every bit of cleanup makes a big difference!
    • Tackle those taxes. Tax season is finally over, but the IRS recommends keeping copies of your returns for up to seven years. Cut the clutter by scanning your financials, records and receipts and creating a folder on your computer for each year.
    • A picture’s worth a thousand words. Start by sorting through photos from the past year – delete the blurry images, photos of you with your eyes closed and shots with a finger over the lens, and create an annual "Photos to Print" folder so you can quickly find your favorite shots.
    • Create a VIP club. Make an "Important Files" folder with copies of your car title, passports, mortgage documents, birth certificates and other important records so you can quickly find them when you need them. Back up this folder to the cloud so you can access the contents from another computer, tablet or your smartphone in case you need it when you are away from home.
    • Protect your files. Make sure your files are always safe and secure by backing them up to the cloud. In addition to giving you peace of mind, Carbonite also enables you to remotely access your backed up data even if you misplace the hard copy.

    While getting your digital life in order will be a breath of fresh air, we know that spring cleaning consists of more than organizing your files. For help organizing your computer room, home office or any other rooms in your house, check out Carbonite’s Clean Sweeps sweepstakes for a chance to win a free year of the better backup plan and a gift card to Merry Maids!

  • Backup by the Numbers

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 15, 2013

    Today is Pi Day, so we figured we’d crunch some numbers to celebrate. Of course what we’re really celebrating is Backup Day! Our favorite holiday is at the end of the month, but we’ve been reveling ever since March began.

    We keep a ton of important data on our computers! From resumes to contacts, photos to music – our real life work and entertainment is stored digitally.


    But, while 82% of Americans say they only keep digital files, 39% of them haven’t backed up in over a year! And 51% of people know the pain of a data disaster.

    51 percent

    What would happen if your computer crashed right before the big interview?

    Would your Backup Day party invitations still make it out on time if you had to manually track down all of your contacts’ addresses?

    You don't have to be a statistician to calcualte that backup is a safe bet!

  • Last Minute Planning for Valentine's Day

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 11, 2013
    The blizzard of 2013 may have come and gone, but the Northeast is still covered in snow! Whether you’re still shoveling out or just watching storm coverage from 1,000 miles away, Valentine's Day may be the last thing on your mind. So we've got you covered with some great last minute suggestions!

    If you plan on dining out but haven’t made a reservation yet, there’s still time. Instead of making frantic last minute calls, check out OpenTable and search local eateries with seats available at your preferred time.

    Once you have your table, surprise your significant other with a thoughtful gift over dinner. The pros at Appo can organize pictures capturing all your special moments as a couple. Been together for what feels like a million years? No worries, FotoBridge can scan and digitize any pictures you've been storing in boxes in your basement.

    Perhaps the best tip of all is to plan a tropical vacation for you and your special someone– lucky for you, our Sync & Swim Sweepstakes is accepting entries through the end of February!
  • Make 2013 the Year You Keep Those Resolutions

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 07, 2013

    It's the first Monday of the New Year, and now that the champagne has worn off, the confetti has been cleaned up and reality has settled back in, our resolutions seem a little more daunting than they did on December 31st. So we wanted to share some tips to help you regroup after the hectic holiday season!

    If spending more time with your loved ones topped your resolution list this year, Slate suggests recording the memories you make. (Plus, with Carbonite Mobile, you can back up the pictures and videos stored on your smartphone – which you can then access from any tablet or computer!)

    Or, for those of you who've resolved to take more time to yourselves (here's looking at you, small business owners), escape the daily grind for a bit while still feeling productive by ping into one of the business books on Inc.'s Top 5 of 2012 list.

    Whatever your 2013 resolutions may be, you're more likely to keep it if you've made it public. So enlist a friend, tell them your plan and make this Monday no-so-manic by embracing the opportunity to make some positive changes.

  • A Packing Plan Means Less Travel Trouble!

    by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 17, 2012

    We've all heard the saying “it’s the journey, not the destination.” But when it comes to holiday travel, we want that journey to be as easy as possible! We've got you covered with our Anytime Anywhere Access, so we figured we'd share some tips to help you prepare for other facets of your trip... like packing.

    There are as many packing styles as there are holiday travelers. But, whether you wait until last minute to throw items in a duffle bag or you meticulously lay things out for weeks, we’re all familiar with that pang of fear that inevitably strikes once we've hit the road.

    USA Today compiled 10 tips to help you avoid the wave of panic that washes over you as you wonder if that one item you can’t live without – even for a weekend – made it into your suitcase.

    If you’re a jet-setter, make sure your essentials are stored in your carry-on where you can easily access them at any point in your trip. And you can fit more essentials in your carry-on by opting to travel with a tote bag instead of a purse or small laptop carrier. Know you’ll be stuffed into your grandparents’ closet-sized guest room upon arrival? Pack dual-purpose items that take up less space – in your suitcase and at your final destination.

    When you’re armed with a packing plan, the journey is a little less daunting. And when you can enjoy being at the destination (with all your essential items), holiday travel can be fun again!

  • Stress-Free Shopping for the Toughest One on Your Gift List

    by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 03, 2012

    Does it seem like there's always someone on your gift list that gets tougher to buy for every year? You aren't alone! No matter how many gift guides we see – and some of them are pretty fantastic – the perfect gift always seems to elude us. Why can't everything be as easy as automatic backup?!

    As the weeks until our gift exchanges dwindle down, it seems like each Monday is more manic than the last. So we figured it was time to trade the holiday shopping stress in for fun!

    If you're like our social media specialist, Dad may the toughest nut to crack when it comes to finding a perfect present. Observer and Eccentric even says, "finding great gifts for guys is an art." Unfortunately, many of us here feel more like finger painters than impressionists this time of year. So we read a little further and found some great ideas we hope will inspire you to deliver a thrill to each of your gift recipients!

    Our favorite suggestion to help with shopping is incredibly simple but so often overlooked: just ask!

    Of course when you ask your recipient-to-be what's on their wish list the answer is invariably, "I don't know." Sometimes we just need a little help figuring out what direction to head in – and often times all we have to do is ask for a little help. Sending a text to your husband's best friend or an email to your father's golf buddy might provide the tidbit that points your shopping cart in the right direction! 

    We hope these shopping tips help you as much as they're helping us this season!

  • Cleaning House

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 19, 2012

    Here at Carbonite we understand the value of simplicity. We certainly didn't become the better backup plan by making things complicated!

    Since Carbonite is automatically backing up your devices, we thought our blog was a good place to offer some of our favorite tips to help simplify other facets of your life too. Because if you're anything like us, you've got a dozen tasks to complete sometime between now and when you toss the turkey into the oven.

    Something top of mind for us this week is getting the house ready for guests. Sure our digital lives are organized, but to be honest, it seems like housekeeping is always a permanent item on our list – anytime of the year!

    With Thanksgiving week here, we know some of you will be dedicating Wednesday to cleaning the house top-to-bottom, while some of you may be scrambling to get things together up until the moment your guests start pouring in like gravy. This Real Simple article has cleaning tips for every time constraint scenario – for every room in the house. We're definitely going to tackle our kitchens first and we love the idea of using an all-purpose cleaner to mop without the mess!

  • Give Yourself the Gift of Organization

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 15, 2012
    With the holidays upon us, people are gathering for dinners, Yankee swaps and – of course – holiday parties, and memories are made and saved with the flash of your camera (which is often your smartphone!).

    So we have a special tip to help you preserve these holiday memories. Between shopping and scrambling, cooking and cleaning, the holidays can be stressful enough... why not give yourself the gift of organization this year?

    Of course, you’re already diligently backing up all of your digital holiday memories with Carbonite, but are those images organized and readily accessible for you to print and show off? One of the best parts of capturing these moments is knowing that you’ll get to relive them every time you flip or scroll through your albums.

    That’s where the professionals at Appo come in.

    Appo members are certified professionals who work with their clients to sort, catalogue, and edit once-scattered pictures to create photo narratives and albums. If you've got folders full of digital pictures that you have no idea what to do with, get in touch with an Appo member in your area.

    But what about those pictures from holidays past, before Black Friday was ruled by digital camera deals? The folks at FotoBridge can help you scan and digitize all the holiday prints that have – until now – been banished to the junk drawer with all the re-gifts you've collected throughout the years.

    With a little help from the pros, you can limit your holiday photography stresses to posing the kids and snapping candids around the dessert table.
  • Give Thanks, Win Carbonite

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 14, 2012

    It's hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is next week! We know you have a lot on your plate (and we aren't talking turkey) so we've launched a fun, easy-to-enter contest on Facebook to give you a reprieve from holiday stress – all you have to do is give a little thanks!

    For the next two weeks, we'll have a Thanksgiving-themed question for you. Each week, 10 lucky voters will win a free year of Carbonite for themselves and another year to give to the person they're most thankful for. Plus, one grand prize winner will receive a $250 Amazon Gift Card!

    Almost everyone expects a plump, juicy turkey in front of them on Thanksgiving. And if you've got relatives like ours, they'll be anxiously awaiting an email full of the festive photos you took and uploaded to your laptop after dessert.

    But what if something went horribly wrong?! This week, we're wondering if you'd be more thankful not frying the turkey, or not frying the laptop?

    We told you it would be easy! So while you're scouring the web for delicious side recipes or hints about the best Black Friday deals, take a minute to stop by our Facebook page, give us a like and vote for your choice.

    Be sure to check back on Monday for next week's question and a fresh chance at winning!

  • World Backup Day is March 31 - What Are Your Files Worth?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 22, 2012

    What if your computer crashed today, would you be able to get all of your files back? If not, what would you be willing to sacrifice to recover your precious data? World Backup Day, a day for computer data backup awareness, is March 31. A recent study from Carbonite revealed that although 82% of Americans keep only digital files, 39% haven’t backed up their data in over a year. And what they’d be willing to give up to get back their lost data is surprising!

    In honor of this event we ask you to consider what your digital files are worth to you and if you’re keeping them safe. If you’re not already backing up with Carbonite, we invite you to start a free trial so you can start safeguarding your files today!

  • Quick Tips to Safeguard Your Tax Documents This Tax Season

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 28, 2012
    It’s that time of the year again – tax season’s in full swing. Did you know the IRS requires you to keep your tax documents and records for years – with different requirements for different documents? The IRS also recommends you keep all of your W-2 forms until you’re eligible for retirement! As you begin to prepare your taxes, online backup solutions from Carbonite offer a simple solution for protecting important tax documents and other valuable files.

    Here are a few tips for protecting your tax documents:
    • Scan paper documents – Keeping scanned copies of financial documents and receipts for tax deductions will help protect your financial information from being damaged and lost or misplaced. Storing documents digitally also allows an added level of protection if you choose to encrypt your files.
    • Organize – Organizing digital or scanned financial records and receipts on your computer, for example in folders named by tax year, can help keep your files easy to find for years to come
    • Back them up the cloud – Backing up your financial documents and receipts online with Carbonite not only helps safeguard your important information from a computer crash, theft, or the unthinkable – a natural disaster – but your files will be also be accessible from nearly any internet connected device if you need to reference a document on the go.
    More than half of Americans (51%) have experienced a computer crash where they lost all of their digital files, but 39% admit they have never backed up their computers, or haven’t done so in more than a year.  Once you install Carbonite, the automatic backup runs continually in the background, backing up new and changed files whenever your computer is connected to the internet – saving you from having to remember to back up and also saving you time.

    If you want to start protecting your tax files this tax season, you can start a free trial of Carbonite Home or Carbonite Business today.
  • Did Someone Say Tech Prom?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Oct 07, 2011

    Carbonite loves startups. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago when Carbonite was a startup.

    We’re fortunate to be headquartered in Boston, amidst a thriving startup community where we can learn from and even help foster these future leaders in technology.  In fact, recently, Carbonite co-founder and CEO David Friend was asked to demonstrate his 60-second Carbonite elevator pitch last month to MassChallenge startup competition contenders. David didn’t even need 30 seconds to give his pitch for Carbonite, “Back it up, and get it back for $59 a year.”

    While we enjoy networking and learning alongside the players in the Boston startup scene; nerds like to party, too. All work and no play, can make a sad computer programmer, and that’s why we’re thrilled to sponsor the upcoming DB Tech Prom, providing computer geeks in the Boston area a second chance at a triumphant prom. If you’re in the Boston area, come celebrate with Carbonite and the Boston startup community:

    There are less than 100 tickets to this event left, so if you plan on attending purchase your ticket soon here!

  • Finally A New Years Resolution That Keeps Itself

    by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 27, 2010

    We’d be willing to bet that this is not the first “New Year’s Resolution” post you’ve read this week.

    Estimates indicate that 45% of American adults make at least one resolution each year.  According to Dr. Jim Taylor’s research, fewer than half of these people stick with them after six months and after a year that number declines to around ten percent.  So it’s no wonder that the $2.5 billion self-help industry offers no shortage of advice on how to stick with your resoluton(s).

    Advice about “pinpointing obstacles,” “setting clear goals,” and the like is well-intentioned, but it's hard to argue with the data that indicates that only one-in-ten adults manages to stick with their resolution for over a year.

    Carbonite is here to help.  Resolve yourself to backing up your irreplaceable data this year.  All you have to do is sign up for Carbonite, and a couple of clicks later you’re done.  We automatically take care of the rest and you’re protected for at least a year.

    Imagine if you could sign up for a gym membership and something would automatically make sure you go every day – that’s what Carbonite can do for your backup – no heavy lifting required.

    Not only does Carbonite make it easy to stick to your resolution and backup your data, but we’re going to make it even easier by offering two free one year subscriptions to lucky entrants in our New Years Resolution contest.

    The rules are simple:

    • Follow @carbonite on Twitter
    • Retweet the following message between 12/27 and 1/3:  My new year’s resolution is to backup my data. Enter to win a subscription by following @carbonite & RT this http://cbnt.it/bJiATZ
    • We’ll announce the winner on Twitter and Facebook.  Good luck!
  • AppleTV Drops Local Storage in Favor of the Cloud

    by Lynnette Nolan | Oct 19, 2010

    Apple recently released a new version of their AppleTV. For those of you who aren't familiar with this device, I'll share a bit of history.

    When AppleTV launched a little over three years ago, it was essentially an iPod, the size of a book, that you could plug into your TV. You could purchase a model with a 40GB hard drive for $299, import your music, videos and photos to it and enjoy these files through your TV and home stereo. It was an innovative product, but it never really took off the way many of Apple's products have. My instinct tells me that many people were not willing to pay $299 for a glorified 40GB hard drive they could plug into their TV.

    Fast-forward three years to the current release. This version is just $99 and it now fits in the palm of your hand. How did Apple manage to deliver a more fully- featured device at 1/3 the cost just a few short years later? Easy – they dropped local storage and moved the content to the cloud.

    The new AppleTV streams music, videos and photos from any Apple computer in your home network, as well as a new streaming rental system that offers instant delivery of movies and TV shows both from Netflix and Apple's iTunes store. Not only is this device cheaper, smaller and easier to set-up, but rather than being limited to 40GB of local memory, the new AppleTV will play an unlimited amount of cloud-based content.

    As an entrepreneur, I'm always interested to learn about any new product coming out of Cupertino – they run a product development and marketing machine out there that is the envy of the tech industry. However, I find AppleTV's evolution to be of particular interest, because I see clear parallels between they way they have leveraged the cloud to optimize their product and the way Carbonite has leveraged the cloud to optimize data backup.

    Just a few years ago, when you said "backup" it implied a local external hard drive. Now, with products like Carbonite, it's all in the cloud. Like the original Apple TV, traditional backup methods are limited by storage capacity, they are complicated, expensive, and easy for the average user to mess up. Plus, consumer-grade external hard drives are failure-prone and easy to damage. Knock one off the table onto a hard floor, and all your data is gone.

    With the new AppleTV, you don't need a local drive – movies stream directly over the Internet. The same thing happens with Carbonite. If you have Carbonite, all of your files are automatically in the cloud. You don't have to do a thing – it just happens. Now that your files are in the cloud, you can get to them from anywhere. Want to show your friend at work a picture that's on your home computer? No problem – Carbonite has your picture backed up and you can access it on your smartphone using one of our mobile apps. Forgot your laptop for an important presentation? No problem – just grab the powerpoint file from your Carbonite backup using any computer. We're transitioning into a whole new world where all your data lives in your "personal cloud" and is accessible anywhere on Earth, with any device. And it all happens with no effort; no wires, no hardware, no software to learn and nothing to remember other than knowing you're backed up.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • The Twelve World Cup Winners

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 20, 2010

    Unless you have been ignoring your television and radio for the past month you will be aware that the World Cup has run its course in South Africa. For many, the tournament has been full of curve balls and back heels. France's shocking exit, the Brazilians not even reaching the final and ultimately the Spanish proving triumphant (and rightly so)? However, they weren't the only winners during the tournament, as all of you who entered our World Cup Twitter competition will know!

    We asked our followers to guess how many shots on target would be saved during selected matches. Why? Because we're all about 'saving' our customers from losing the 'digital lives' they have saved on their hard drives. We make certain Carbonite Online Backup 'saves' your data so in the event of a data loss, you get it back quickly and easily, whenever you need it.

    We had a fantastic number of entries so a big 'thank you' to all who participated! Congratulations to all 12 winners of the selected matches. They all won a full year subscription to Carbonite Online Backup. What's more, one of these lucky winners has been selected to win our grand prize of a 16GB iPad. We can now announce the lucky winner is @robchilver.

    Congratulations again thank you to everyone who took part. For those of you saddened by the end of World Cup, and our competition, do not fear. Be sure to keep checking the Carbonite website, follow us on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook for future competitions and a chance to win.