• Carbonite Named to Deloitte’s Fast 500 Winners’ List

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 14, 2013

    Lately, we’re sharing a lot of news about moving faster! Last week we announced that we've eliminated our throttling policy, increasing bandwidth (allowing for a faster back up experience for our customers) and now we’re thrilled to share that we've earned a spot on Deloitte’s Fast 500 list for another year!

    The Fast 500 ranks North America’s fastest growing companies and we’re proud to be included on the list, alongside 36 of our Boston-area neighbors!

    Want to learn more about the fast-growing, innovative companies that made the cut? Check out the winners’ brochure or following the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #Fast500.

  • Insights from Dave Friend: Why Zmanda is a Great Fit

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 01, 2012
    This week, Carbonite completed the acquisition of Zmanda - a leader in database and server backup (both to local media and to the cloud). I want to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on why this is so exciting.

    Last summer we launched Carbonite Business, a version of Carbonite specifically tailored to small businesses.  It includes features that businesses were asking for like remote access, NAS backup, and file backup for Windows Server.  And we made the pricing simple: unlimited number of computers sharing 250GBs of storage (or 500GBs for the Premier version).  

    While Carbonite Business does a great job of backing up computers and all their files, we did not attempt to backup production databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Exchange, MySQL and others.  In talking to our customers and resellers, they made it very clear that backing up production databases was such a mission critical job that they would be very careful about adopting a new and untested solution.  So building a database product ourselves didn’t seem like the right solution.  Yet I knew that there were many customers and resellers who wanted to get both PC backup and Server backup from one vendor.  

    When I met the CEO of Zmanda, a well-respected and established player in database server backup, I found they had the opposite problem – they did a great job of backing up servers, but since they didn’t offer continuous online computer backup like we do, they also wanted to provide a more complete solution.  That’s when we decided it would make a great deal of sense for Carbonite to acquire Zmanda.  I installed Zmanda on my home server and I was impressed with how simple it was to use, even though server backup can be pretty technical stuff.  And the pricing for Zmanda is a fraction of what similar functionality would cost from the leading legacy vendors.  

    Zmanda is based on an open source backup system originally developed at the University of Maryland and is still one of the most widely used backup systems in academic and government data centers.  The Zmanda team saw an opportunity to provide professional support for Amanda and to create proprietary extensions for popular commercial databases and operating systems.  Zmanda has since taken primary responsibility for supporting the open source Amanda code, and they estimate that prior to their taking it over the open source community had already contributed over 200 man-years of development.  This is a very robust and mature product.  

    Today, Zmanda is the sole commercial version of Amanda, which is now running on over one million systems and is one of the most widely used server backup systems in the world.  It was also one of the first server backup companies to recognize the value of the cloud.  So it is indeed a great fit with Carbonite.   

    As we integrate the two products in coming months, we’ll be able to deliver an unparalleled range of cloud backup solutions to small businesses. Small businesses can have all their backup needs met by one company.  We’ve already started the process of training our Boston sales team and our customer support team in Maine on the Zmanda product line.  

    If you are running nearly any SQL database or are running your own email server using Microsoft Exchange, please give us a call so that you can learn how Carbonite can now save you money and make your life simpler.  Feel free to contact us at 1-855-CARB-BIZ (1-855-227-2249) or BusinessTeam@carbonite.com, or if you’re a reseller, contact us at 1-877-391-4759 or resellers@carbonite.com.    

    Dave Friend, CEO

  • Take it from Thomas Edison - Small Businesses Should Back Up with Carbonite

    by Lynnette Nolan | Apr 27, 2012

    Last year, we were alarmed to learn that although almost half (48%) of small to medium-sized businesses had already lost irreplaceable data, 31% of SMBs still weren’t backing up because they believed it was a hassle.

    When we set out to create an online backup product for SMBs, we knew we couldn’t develop just any product. We sought to design an innovative product to specifically address the backup requirements, budgets, security and accessibility needs of these businesses – and one they would actually want to use.

    That’s why we’re proud that the Edison Awards™ has recognized Carbonite Business with a 2012 Silver award in Innovative Services. It’s truly an honor to be recognized alongside such innovators in the spirit of the great Thomas Edison, who was a driving force behind America’s long history of innovation, creativity and ingenuity in the global economy.

    If you'd like to give Carbonite Business a try, you can start your 30-day free trial on our website.

  • More Hardware for Carbonite's Management Team - Our VP Marketing gets "40 under 40" award!

    by Lynnette Nolan | Sep 01, 2010

    After five years of growing our business, Carbonite's management team seems to suddenly be on the awards track: First our CTO Jeff Flowers won "CTO of the Year" from the Massachusetts Tech Leadership Council. Then I won the Ernst and Young "Entrepreneur of the Year" award, and Andrew Keenan won "CFO of the Year." Now our brilliant marketing VP, Swami Kumaresan, was awarded one of the "40 under 40" executives in New England by the Boston Business Journal (BBJ). None of these awards would have been possible if it weren't for the fantastic talent we have in our 130+ strong team. On a related note, the company was also chosen one of Boston's Best Places to Work by the BBJ a few months ago.

    Swami has a math degree from Yale. You probably think that Marketing is all about coming up with cool advertising slogans and punchy TV ads. That's part of it. But it's also all about numbers. Every ad slogan, every color choice, every signup page has to be tested and tested again. Tons of data have to be analyzed to figure out what appeals most to our customers and makes it easy for them to sign up and use our products. While it might seem counterintuitive to those of us who are not marketers, a math degree is probably the perfect background for this kind of job. Congratulations, Swami.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • "Before You Build the Product, Write the Ad."

    by Lynnette Nolan | Aug 27, 2010

    This sound bite, picked up by a reporter for Inc Magazine when she interviewed me last month as part of her story on Carbonite (we came in as the 9th fastest growing private company in the US, and #1 in technology) has been tweeted and retweeted by scores of people over the last few days. Since it seems to have struck a nerve, I thought it might be a good idea to add a little color to my comment.

    I'm sure you've heard the expression "A solution looking for a problem." Unfortunately, a lot of products get built before their inventors really stop to think about who's going to buy them, or even why anyone would buy them. My mantra to engineers — "Write the ad!" forces them to think about who we're going to sell our product to, what problem the product solves, and why someone would want to buy it. If you can't figure out how to convey this value proposition in a limited number of words, your odds of success are slim.

    I'm not saying that engineers should turn into advertising copywriters. But I am saying that if you can't explain what your product does and why I should care in a few words, how on earth are you ever going to sell it? One good thing about writing the ad first — when you run it by people, you'll know pretty quickly whether your product is worth building.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite Named to Inc's List of America's Fastest Growing Companies!

    by Lynnette Nolan | Aug 24, 2010

    We were startled to learn this week that Carbonite is the 9th fastest growing company in the country! We are also the number 1 ranked company in the technology category, and the number 1 company in New England! Five years ago, when Jeff Flowers and I were starting the company, we had no idea that Carbonite would be this successful. A big ‘thank you’ to all our customers and the team here who have made this possible!

    You can see the full list here http://www.inc.com/inc5000/list and Carbonite’s profile here http://www.inc.com/inc5000/profile/carbonite.
  • Carbonite Pro Customer Appears in Forbes Story

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 21, 2010

    I was pleased to read this week about one of our most passionate Carbonite Pro users, Richard Gordon of Carlstone Consulting. Richard recently spoke with Gene Marks of Forbes about the importance of small businesses backing up. You can read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/2010/07/20/carbonite-mozy-internet-technology-backup.html. I couldn’t have put it any better than Richard did when he said about data loss at a small business, “this WILL happen.” Statistics have proven that a majority of small businesses will face data loss and for those where the data loss is major, they struggle to recover and often end up going out of business.

    Richard was so convincing that the writer interviewing him, Gene Marks, decided to give Carbonite a try. He found it to be simple to get up and running, which has always been a goal of ours since we started the company. After his trial, Gene decided to continue and become a paying subscriber. The large majority of those who trial Carbonite end up signing up for it full-time because it’s just that easy and they know their data is now protected.

    To all our small business customers, we’re eager to hear your story, too. You can e-mail us at testimonials (at) carbonite.com and please cc me directly at david.friend (at) carbonite.com. And if you are one of the small businesses not yet backing up online, join Richard and many others who have been extremely satisfied with Carbonite Pro keeping their files safe.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite CEO David Friend Named Entrepreneur Of The Year

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 30, 2010

    Congratulations to our CEO, David Friend, who was named the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year for New England in the Emerging Technology – consumer and small business category. Dave was awarded this honor last night at a black tie gala at Boston’s Renaisance Waterfront Hotel.

    Dave now moves on to the National competition which culminates with an awards ceremony in November in Palm Springs. In his acceptance speech, Dave singled out Jeff Flowers, Carbonite’s CTO and Dave’s business partner for over 30 years, as the person whose technical brilliance made this award possible.

    We’ve all experienced Dave’s passion for Carbonite. Carbonite is Dave’s sixth company over a span of nearly 40 years. Those of us who know Dave and have had the privilege of working with him realize that he neither needs or nor seeks the kind of recognition that was awarded him last night. The E&Y Entrepreneurship award is certainly the most prestigious award an entrepreneur can win, and even though we almost had to drag Dave to this competition, we’re very proud that he won. After all the companies he’s founded, all the jobs he’s created, and all the great products he’s introduced to the world, we’re really pleased to see him get the recognition he so deserves.

    So congratulations, Dave. We're proud of Carbonite and we’re proud of you as our leader.

  • Best Places to Work Update: Carbonite is #6!

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 14, 2010

    In a previous post, Dave mentioned that the Boston Business Journal named Carbonite one of the top 60 companies to work for in Massachusetts. At an awards breakfast on Friday morning, the 60 companies were ranked in three categories, and I'm happy to announce that Carbonite was ranked No. 6 in the midsize category. Carbonite was one of 440 companies considered for this highly-coveted recognition.

    The honor highlights Carbonite's achievements in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of employee satisfaction, working conditions and company culture. Carbonite's entire workforce was surveyed on these attributes throughout the spring and the results were analyzed and scored to rank the best and brightest places of employment throughout the Boston region.

    We've had fantastic journey throughout the first half of the year with our Carbonite Pro and iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone app launches, and we appreciate the contributions and dedication from every employee here at Carbonite. We're proud of the team's accomplishments and are delighted our hard work is recognized through the positive environment we've established at Carbonite. Congratulations to all of the Best Places to Work recipients featured in the June 11 edition of the Boston Business Journal!

  • Carbonite Named One of Top 60 Places to Work in Boston

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 19, 2010

    The Boston Business Journal recently released this year's list of the best places to work. And I'm happy to announce that Carbonite made the list! There were over 400 companies nominated for this honor and the list of the top 60 companies was determined based partly on employee surveys. Carbonite and the other 19 midsized companies will be ranked in order and then honored at a breakfast event on June 11th at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center.

    I can't tell you how pleased I am that Carbonite has received this honor. There are a lot of smart, hard-working and innovative people who have helped make Carbonite a tremendous success. Our rapid growth as a company has challenged our employees and given them opportunities to do things they've never done before. They've risen to the occasion time and time again and I am very proud of the things they've accomplished. It feels good to know that they enjoy working for Carbonite and take pride in this company. Every employee we have contributes to making Carbonite one of the best places to work in Boston.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite Wins New England Innovation Award

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 14, 2010

    Last night Carbonite was selected as a winner of the New England Innovation Awards by the Small Business Association of New England.

    Over 160 companies were selected to participate in the awards process and present to a panel of judges why their company should be chosen as one of the most innovative and successful companies in New England.

    Carbonite was selected as one of the 16 finalists two weeks ago and, after a final presentation to the judges, we were selected as a winner! Our president and COO, Keith, was even told by one of the lead judges that Carbonite was actually the top point winner with the 50 judges.

    Some of the past winners of this award are:

    • Ben and Jerry's
    • Genzyme
    • iRobot
    • Nantucket Nectars
    • Staples
    • The Mathworks

    This award means a lot to the Carbonite team. We're constantly working hard to bring innovation into our products, while at the same time keeping them as simple and easy-to-use as possible. Taking complex technology and making it simple is no small feat, and we're honored to be recognized for our innovation and the strides we've taken to make online backup available to the average consumer.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Listen to Carbonite CEO, Dave Friend, in the TechByter Podcast

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 18, 2009

    Bill Blinn of TechByter Worldwide interviewed our CEO, Dave Friend, for the November 15, 2009 TechByter podcast.

    As a Carbonite fan, Blinn discussed his confidence in our online backup service as he introduce this week’s TechByter podcast, "The real safety net, and it's one that has saved me more times than I like to admit, is Carbonite. It's easy to make a dumb mistake that deletes files I need. I can get them back from my hot backup or from my Acronis backup. But more often than not, I've recovered them from my Carbonite backup."

    Dave's interview can be found on www.TechByter.com in two parts:

    Listen to Part 1 (Audio 5:07)

    Listen to Part 2 (Audio 1:13)

  • Jeff Flowers Named CTO of the Year

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 09, 2009

    I am very pleased to announce that my long-time business partner and Carbonite CTO has won the coveted "CTO of the Year" award from the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council. The award was given at a big dinner at the Boston Marriott last week, and we're very proud of Jeff. He joins a group of technology leaders from the Northeast that includes many of the pioneers of today's IT industry. Having worked with Jeff for more than 25 years through 4 other startups, it is impossible for me to contemplate starting a company without him. He's that rare combination of technical guru, sensible business head, and mentor for the technical team. Congratulations Jeff!

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Continued Praise for Carbonite for Mac

    by Lynnette Nolan | Oct 28, 2009

    Our Mac product, which launched earlier this year, continues to receive a good reception from the media.

    We've recently had reviews published with MacFormat and MacWorld magazines.

    Christopher Phin from MacFormat awarded Carbonite 4/5 stars and appreciated our efforts to design a Mac version of the product:

    Unlike many companies that have developed a PC application and then gone on to make a Mac version, the developers genuinely seem to have 'got' the Mac."

    MacWorld magazine also awarded Carbonite 4/5 stars. Karl Hodge noted how the low cost is small price to pay for piece of mind.

    The client is highly configurable and can be set to run when it's convenient. Costing around £3 a month to run, it's a low price for a little peace of mind."

  • Another 5-Star Mac Review

    by Lynnette Nolan | Aug 07, 2009

    Wow, they just keep coming. Another 5-star review for Carbonite's Mac version, this time from MacUser Magazine: "Verdict: This good value online storage solution is so easy-to-use you'll have no excuse not to back up your files."

    Check out the whole review here

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite Awarded Best Buy Status by 'Which?' Magazine

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 20, 2009

    Another nice recognition of Carbonite comes from the UK magazine Which? — similar to Consumer Reports in the US. They gave us their Best Buy rating, and that's apparently not easy to obtain. What they said is,

    This accolade is far from easy to obtain. In fact, Best Buys are only awarded to those products that have performed to the highest standards in Which?'s rigorous testing and analysis, and cannot be requested or bought. This coveted award can be seen in the national advertising campaigns of popular brands including Miele, Panasonic and Procter & Gamble."

    Which? is Europe's largest consumer organization and has been providing independent advice for more than 50 years.

    Our magazines do not carry advertising, we do not accept sponsorship of any kind and — just as a consumer would — we buy all of the thousands of products we test each year. It is for these reasons that consumers can truly trust the unbiased information we provide."

    I was unaware of this magazine, but my friends in Europe say they swear by it. Thank you, Which?.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite Nominated for Prestigious PC Pro Award

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 12, 2009

    As I've mentioned in past posts, one of the metrics I track every week at Carbonite is how satisfied our customers are with our customer support. Those of you who have interacted with our customer support team know that each interaction is followed by a short survey — that's how I get the data. Over the last 9 months we have made great strides and our "satisfied/very satisfied" numbers are now well above industry averages and still rising.

    These improvements, along with the rock solid performance of our data centers, have lead to Carbonite being listed in the PC Pro Reliability and Service Award in the software category. The awards are judged via an open survey that asks PC users to express their views on hardware and software purchased over the last year. Those who are nominated are encouraged to promote voting with their customers in order to help the judges gain as much feedback as possible.

    The PC Pro nomination comes on the heels of winning a Webware 100 award where we were voted up by thousands of readers.

    If you'd like to participate, please click here to visit the survey. You can just click Next 4 times to get to the software page. Once you've voted and expressed other relevant feedback, you can either identify yourself or just skip to the end of the survey.

    Thanks, we appreciate your support and recognition.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Wildfires in Santa Barbara

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 02, 2009

    Kim Komando sent me this letter that she got from one of her listeners:

    Dear Kim:

    Not really a question...What was I (NOT)thinking????? My husband and I were in Hawaii on business when we heard there was a wildfire in Santa Barbara — near our neighborhood. While trying to keep the panic down, talking with the house sitter who was caring for our two dogs and cat...I suddenly realized — OUR COMPUTERS!!! I had the laptop, but all the real stuff was on my external drive. That little black box..sitting on my desk in a house that could burn down. Our house sitter had already evacuated and wouldn't be able to get back in — perhaps our niece's husband could make his way to and in the house to retrieve the box? He did get it but I couldn't help but think of the ramifications had he not been successful.

    The bottom line — I not only GOT how valuable Carbonite was — but I also GOT how stupid of me to be sitting at the airport trying to get back home and have to worry about losing all our data. It's day three and my Carbonite is still backing up. Kim — many thanks for recommending it and oh yes — we still have our house (and Carbonite).

    - Maria

    By chance, one of Carbonite's investors, Floyd Bradley, lives in the same neighborhood and sent me this picture from his back yard. Better believe he has Carbonite on ALL his computers!

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite for Mac Reviewed by Pocket-lint.com

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 28, 2009

    Our Mac version of Carbonite is still pretty new, but we just got a very good review from 
    Pocket-lint.com, a very influential news and review site.

    The reviewer noted the ease of use, the simplicity of the restore process, and the unobtrusiveness of Carbonite when it's running. The author also points out some of the advantages of online backup over a local external hard drive using Time Machine. If you're a Mac user, you may want to take a look at this review.

    Click here to read the full review.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Our Users Love Us, But Will They Vote for Us?

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 22, 2009

    We know our users love us, but will they vote for us? That is the question.

    We get plenty of fan mail from users whose data we saved — we restore over 10 million files every month. That's a lot of saved bacon. But do they love us enough to give us their vote?

    Every year, CNET runs the prestigious Webware 100 contest — really an industry popularity contest where users get to vote for their favorite applications. Over 5,000 companies got nominated by readers of CNET's Webware site. In the end there were only 300 finalists. And after 630,000 votes, only 100 winners. Carbonite was one of them. So thanks to all of you CNET readers out there who voted for Carbonite. You didn't let us down, and we will never let you down!

    CEO, Carbonite