• More Choices, New Features: Introducing our New Business Plans

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 13, 2014

    Last week, our Brand Director, Ali, shared the details of our site redesign. We hope you’ve had a chance to look around and – more importantly, we hope you like what you see!

    Our site was redesigned to assist our customers with all things business continuity; our revamped business plans put the pro in professional and our new server plans serve all your data protection needs. Rest assured, Carbonite still offers the same simple, automatic backup for your personal computer, home office or small business – but we’ve added some great features to ensure that our plans are covering all your bases! As we’ve talked to more and more business owners who are backing up with us, we’ve gotten some important insights into what businesses want and need. And we’ve incorporated that feedback into designing our new plans.

    Check out the details:

    Starting at $269.99 per year, our HIPAA-compliant Pro plans will back up the financial data, healthcare records and other crucial business files on all of your business’s workstations. See how we stack up against the competition.

    business dashboard
    You can now back up all of your databases and live applications – like Exchange, SQL & Oracle – starting at just $799.99 per year. And just like our Pro plans, our Server options can help your business keep up with HIPAA compliance. Our server plans also boast the fastest speeds around!

    Fast backups and restores and minimal downtime in the event of a disaster are two critical pieces to all business continuity plans. With the new Carbonite appliance, images of your business’s servers are saved on-site and in the cloud.

    Sync & Share
    Accessing your data is just as important as protecting it and work doesn’t always end when you leave the office. So we’ve added Sync & Share to all of our plans, arming you with the ability to access, edit and share documents with your colleagues and collaborators – even if they aren’t Carbonite customers!

    We hope these updates make your life easier when it comes to chosing the right plan for your needs. And if you’re already backing up your business with us, our added features will continue to provide peace of mind, knowing your data protected and your business has the power to stay up and running. Stay tuned because there’s more to come!

  • Special Offer to Keep Backup Exec.cloud Customers Protected

    by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 03, 2013

    Symantec is discontinuing Backup Exec.cloud next month, and we have a special offer to keep your business protected.

    Current Backup Exec.cloud customers who switch to Carbonite will receive the equivalent of their Backup Exec.cloud subscription for free! Contact our Business Team at businessteam@carbonite.com or 855-227-2249 to redeem this special offer!

    How do Carbonite plans compare to Backup Exec.cloud?

    • More features – but not more money
    • Only pay for what you use: Carbonite offers plans to back up workstations only (starting at $269.99), servers only ($799.99), and servers and workstations ($999.99).
    • Sync & Share: Carbonite offers file sync and share features so employees can keep working across all of their devices.
    • More platforms: Carbonite backs up both Macs and Windows PCs – Symantec only backs up Windows PCs.
    • More databases/live applications:
      • Backup Exec.cloud backs up Exchange and SQL
      • Carbonite backs up Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, MySQL and Oracle

    Still need convincing? We know that your business has a need for speed, and Carbonite Server Backup is proven to be more than twice as fast as leading competitors. Check out the results for yourself!

  • Carbonite Server Backup Proven More than Twice As Fast As Leading Competitors

    by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 03, 2013

    When it comes to getting your critical files and databases backed up, we understand your business’ need for speed. And we’re excited to announce that Carbonite Server Backup has been tested and proven to be the fastest among leading competitors!

    The Tolly Group tested Carbonite Server Backup against Mozy Pro, CrashPlan Pro and SOS Online Backup using a 54.6GB dataset that included multimedia, office documents, compressed archives, web server data and system files and applications.

    Backup Test


    Average Time to Complete Backup

    Carbonite in Comparison

    Carbonite Server

    1 hour 53 minutes


    CrashPlan Pro

    6 hours 22.5 minutes

    2.4 times faster

    SOS Online Backup

    7 hours 54.5 minutes

    3.2 times faster

    Mozy Pro*

    25 hours 30 minutes

    12.5 times faster

    Restore Test


    Average Time to Complete Restore

    Carbonite in Comparison

    Carbonite Server

    1 hour 7 minutes


    CrashPlan Pro

    5 hours 59.5 minutes

    3.7 times faster

    SOS Online Backup

    5 hours 13 minutes

    3.1 times faster

    Mozy Pro*

    39 hours 3 minutes

    29.4 times faster

    *Due to global deduplication, Mozy Pro was only able to complete one full backup and restore, while the others were each tested twice.


    We’re excited to offer server backup to our business customers, and we’re thrilled that the Tolly results backed up what we already knew – our server solutions protect their valuable data so they can get back up and running as quickly in the event of data loss or disruption!

  • Database Backup, Carbonite Style

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 23, 2013

    At Carbonite, we are always looking to wring out cost and complexity from the backup process. Carbonite pioneered simple-to-use and low cost backups for computers, and today we backup laptops, desktops, NAS devices, external hard drives, servers and mobile devices for our 1.5+ million customers. Now, we are bringing simplicity and low-cost to server and database backups as well. With the release of Carbonite Enhanced Server Backup, we are reducing the cost and complexity of server and database backups by an order of magnitude.

    With databases always top of mind for small businesses, let’s see what that looks like with our new offering…

    A Blurry Image Won’t Do:  Consistent Backup Matters

    Taking a snapshot of things that are moving (like your kids running around) is tricky. Your camera contains a lot of sophisticated technology to focus and take a sharp image and turn it into a single JPG file. So, we can simply pickup that file at the file system level, and move it to our cloud storage. When you recover a JPG file, you get the same sharp picture you snapped.

    Like your kids running around, databases are always in motion too. Databases represent active data on your servers. Unlike a photo that is just a single file; databases are represented by multiple files and processes that are working together. Taking a file level backup of this data can easily result in a backed up image that does not represent your database at any one particular point-in-time. You may have some records that are partially written out to disk and partially in memory; so multiple files representing the database may not agree with each other in the backup image. Recovering your database from such a blurry image can result in unacceptable results for your business. You need special software to prepare the database and then take its snapshot at a particular point-in-time, i.e., a consistent backup, from which the database can be accurately restored.

    Carbonite Enhanced Server Backup ensures consistent backups of your databases. We take a sharp snapshot of your database at the time a backup run is initiated (either as scheduled or on-demand). And, of course, when you restore from this snapshot the database works as expected.

    Database Downtime – Not an Option

    Whether your database is serving as the backbone of your ecommerce application or an internal application serving employees, its services are expected to be available 24x7. Typically you don’t have the luxury of a downtime window – during which either the database could be stopped entirely or the updates to the database can be paused.

    Carbonite Enhanced Server Backup provides hot backup of your databases. In other words, our software does not shut down your database or even stop updates to your database during the backup process.

    Complexity: It’s Our Problem, Not Yours

    Various underlying methods for taking database backup images have lots of nuances and exceptions. For example, different database types and versions deal with their logs differently (dealing with database logs is a crucial part of taking a sharp snapshot I mentioned above). So, if you rely on a home-grown script, you would need to be on a constant treadmill of making changes to your script every time you deploy a new version of your database software, let alone change the database type completely.

    Our engineers are on this constant treadmill for you – always looking out for nuances, exceptions, gotchas and optimization opportunities in the newest versions of database software from multiple vendors. Carbonite hides the complexity of backing up databases behind a very simple to use GUI. You simply tell us: what, where, when and how to back up your databases. We figure out the right process and underlying method to execute it for you.

    In a next installment, I’ll dive into the range of configuration settings available with this new offering from Carbonite for our small business customers. In the meantime, if you questions about Enhanced Server Backup and if it’s right for your business, you can contact our Business Team at businessteam@carbonite.com or 855-CARB-BIZ (855-227-2249).

  • How Does Your SMB Backup?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 19, 2013

    Small businesses are always evolving and looking for tools and solutions to help them remain productive and efficient. Whether you’re running a global enterprise or a local firm, protecting your business critical data is vital to business success.

    While SMBs recognize the need to keep their data protected, they are often apprehensive about jumping into the cloud. Spiceworks found that when it comes to backup, SMBs feel like there are myriad obstacles to overcome; including limited budgets, backup know-how (or lack thereof!) and shifting landscapes.

    Those challenges seem daunting, but the cloud offers ease of use, reliability and affordability – key factors in the backup buying decision process – and empowers SMBs to backup with confidence knowing that they aren’t busting the budget or straining their already extended resources.

    spiceworks_backup report

    How is your SMB dealing with data security? Is the cloud a part of your protection plan?

  • The Currents Forum: New Model, Same Great Support

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 30, 2013

    We hope you're loving the convenience of Currents – having all your important files at your fingertips, no matter which device you're on, is a great way to stay organized (especially since you don't have to remember where you put anything!).

    With the introduction of a new application, we've also launched a new way for you to get your questions about Currents answered.

    The Currents Forum is an online community of fellow Currents users and Carbonite techs, where you can browse FAQs and knowledge base articles. Questions not yet answered in an article will be answered by our moderators and other Currents users.

    You can get to the Currents Forum from the Support link on the bottom of the labs.carbonite.com page, or through the Help link in the Currents app for both PC and Mac. Currents users can also access the support tool at currents.zendesk.com.

  • Accountants: Resolve to Create a Better Backup Plan in 2013

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 02, 2013
    As a small business owner, your New Year's resolutions might include optimizing your business or running a more efficient practice. But what about creating a preparedness plan to safeguard your business critical data – including clients' financial, taxes and contact information – should the unthinkable occur?

    Register for free today and join Carbonite's Pete Lamson, on January 15, 2013 at 12:00 pm EST for a webinar covering:
    • Why protecting your data matters to your business
    • What your business continuity and disaster plan should include
    • Ideas on how to create a plan to help ensure your business can continue operating should a disaster – natural, technical or otherwise – strike
    In addition to learning everything you need to know to get your own DIY data backup plan up and running, we'll also be providing a special offer to the accountants who join our webinar!

    We all head into a new year with the best intentions. Clients place their trust in you to ensure their fiscal health. Place your trust in Carbonite to ensure your business' success by protecting your clients' records.

    Cheers to a happy, healthy and successful 2013 for you and your business!
  • Insights on Zmanda from SVP of Engineering, Oussama El-Hilali

    by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 04, 2012

    Last month, we announced the acquisition of Zmanda. Today, I would like to talk to you about how Zmanda's solutions complement Carbonite's cloud backup offerings and the potential integration can bring to your business.

    Small businesses today have ranked their business data as their most valuable asset – even more than their business’ inventory or their physical office, so we all know that backing up is a must. So as more and more small businesses rely on applications to run their daily operations, the need to back up databases is a fundamental requirement in the selection of their backup application. And of course, businesses also need to look at the reliability of the backup and the ability to restore from it at a reasonable speed. In addition to safeguarding critical business information, these needs have made the choice for the right backup application very important but also a bit more complex.

    Carbonite's backup solutions offer continuous backup to the cloud with offerings for both Home/Home Office and Business – very well suited for desktops, laptops and mobile devices, and we also have options for NAS devices, external hard drives and Windows Servers. With Carbonite Mobile apps, users can access and browse their backed up data in the cloud using a web browser, and can monitor, share or even restore their backup to other devices.

    Zmanda provides a schedule-based backup with options to do full, incremental and differential backup that can be local or to the cloud or both. And this functionality is not limited to the file system, but rather, expands into database backup – key for many small businesses. Competitors who treat databases like files often have complicated restores. But with the choice local or cloud backup, Carbonite offers a significant advantage to our customers.

    In choosing their backup application, one of the problems that many small businesses come across is the ability to backup their file servers, database servers and desktops/laptops using one vendor. Today, this is possible with the combination of Carbonite and Zmanda solutions.

    With a common set of monitoring tools the solution can provide ease of management and administration. We invite you to help us design these monitoring tools by sending your thoughts and comments to ZmandaFeedback@carbonite.com.

  • September is Disaster Preparedness Month...Do You Have a Plan?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Sep 14, 2012

    This Labor Day weekend, did you access files from your laptop? Did you celebrate Grandparent’s Day by emailing pictures and home videos of the kids? Have you taken a break from Twitter and Facebook to knock out a few intro paragraphs of this semester’s research paper? Is your small business easing back into the 9-5 swing after a schedule of summer Fridays?

    There’s a lot going on in September – and since most of it is happening right on our electronic devices, it’s not surprising that September is Disaster Preparedness month. We’re always extoling the virtues of automatic, online backup – but each September we like to remind people just how important it is to ensure your data is protected, especially since disasters come in all forms at any time.

    We’ve created a checklist for our home office and small business customers, but the advice really applies to anyone who’s got a digital life. Which nowadays is virtually everyone!

    Here are a few tips for anyone who has assignments, pictures, orders, customer contacts, or financial documents saved on their computer:

    • Evaluate your current backup plan. Do you have one? What would you do if your computer crashed or if it was stolen? If you had to leave your home, office or dorm in a flash, would you be able to retrieve data left behind?
    • Backup your data constantly. Make sure your plan is automatic and continual. Carbonite is always working in the background. Set-and-forget is key!
    • Make a plan to recover your files after a disaster. Our support team is available via email, phone or online chat. So if needed, take a deep breath, reach out to Carbonite, and let us help get you back up and running!

    Even if you’ve already “fallen” into your new autumn routine, it’s never too late to start practicing data safety with your own DIY online backup plan! Begin today with a Carbonite free trial!

  • Big Gaps in Small Business Backup Plans [Infographic]

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 13, 2012

    How reliable is your small business’ data backup plan? Recently, we surveyed small businesses to study how they prepare for a data disaster. We found that many small businesses are in fact backing up their data – yet despite known risks, they continue to choose a range of out-of-date and unreliable technologies to protect important business data.

    Close the gaps in your small business backup plan. Try a free 30-day trial of Carbonite Business, and if you’re ready to trade in your “clunker" of a backup solution now, you can get 3 months free with this limited time offer.

  • September is National Preparedness Month - Are Small Businesses Prepared for a Data Disaster? [Infographic]

    by Lynnette Nolan | Sep 15, 2011

    Disasters – fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados – can happen anywhere and can cripple businesses in an instant, as we all know too well from recent events across the country. And natural disaster can mean data disaster. In fact, FEMA has stated that for 40 to 60 percent of small businesses a data disaster can mean company failure.

    In August, Carbonite surveyed small business owners to determine their companies’ preparedness in case of a data disaster event. What we found was that more than 80 percent of small business owners render their data their organization’s most valuable asset, yet less than half have even considered protecting their data from a disaster.  

    With the variety of affordable, accessible, easy to use data backup technologies available to business owners today, this is an investment businesses can’t afford not to make.

    In recognition of September as National Preparedness month, Carbonite is demonstrating its commitment to support SMBs in their disaster preparation efforts with a special limited-time promotion. Current Carbonite Business customers who refer other companies to Carbonite Business will earn one free month added to their account for every business that starts a Carbonite Business trial from their referral – up to a total of 24 earned bonus months. New customers referred through the program will also receive one free month added to their subscription. Visit our promotion site and start earning your free months today.

  • Introducing a Better Way to Back Up Your Business

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 15, 2011

    I grew up in a small business family. My father ran a dental practice for 40+ years with my mother at his side managing his administrative needs. Sometimes after school my brother and I would help out with filing (not our favorite thing as a teenagers, but it was needed and we were expected to pitch in). When I was 12 years old or so, my father’s office building was devastated by a flood. Furniture, carpets and equipment were destroyed.

    Fortunately, his patients' medical records, the lifeblood of his business, were soggy but intact. Today, he would not have been so lucky. The same records that in my father’s day were on paper and film are now 100% digital. Digitals files on computers, hard drives or other devices are lost when disaster or office theft occurs. And his business, and by association our family, would have endured extreme hardship.

    With this personal history in mind, I am pleased to announce that Carbonite has launched a new and better way for small businesses to back up their invaluable data…Carbonite Business.

    Carbonite Business was developed specifically with small businesses in mind, and reflects the input that small business owners across the country have provided to us as we conducted extensive research and interviews over the past year.

    What we heard most from small business owners along the way was that they understood and wanted the superior data protection and security that online backup solutions such as Carbonite offer…but that they needed it to be simple to manage and priced in a way that fit their budgets and justified the switch from their current approach to backing up.

    Carbonite Business now allows small businesses to take advantage of the benefits offered by online backup protection, at a price that just makes good business sense. For as little as $229 per year, or well less than a buck a day, small businesses can now back up their entire business.

    Among the specific benefits that Carbonite Business offers small businesses are:

    • Automatic and continual backup of your business’ important documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, photos, music, and other data files.
    • Flat-fee annual pricing plans that allow you to back up an unlimited number of PCs and Macs for one simple price (and, unlike competitor products, with zero “per computer” charge).
    • External Hard Drive backup.
    • Safety & Security via Carbonite's software encryption, which encrypts files before your data even reaches our secure Data Centers
    • Anytime, Anywhere Access to your backed-up files from any browser, iOS, Blackberry, or Android mobile device.
    • An easy-to-use online administration console that provides you—or your office manager—a complete view to the backup status of each computer and the ability to grant remote access permissions on a user-by-user basis.
    • U.S. based customer support via online chat, email, or phone…from 8:00am to Midnight (EST), seven days a week.
    • The peace of mind that goes with working with Carbonite, a leader in online backup who has already backed up more than 100 billion files--and successfully restored over 7 billion files to customers who otherwise would have lost their important data forever.

    Carbonite Business includes all of the above features, and includes 250GB of data protection for just $229 per year. For small businesses looking to back up a server, our Carbonite Premier solution provides server protection and includes up to 500GB of data protection. Both solutions also offer small businesses the option to add additional backup storage “packs” in 50GB or 100GB increments.

    Visit Carbonite.com/business to see how easy it is for you to try Carbonite Business risk free. We offer a no obligation, 30-day free trial period…with no need to even enter credit card information until you decide to buy. Use offer code "launch" when you sign up for the free trial and you'll get 2 free months when you decide to buy.

    If you have questions about Carbonite Business or even want some help getting 30-day free trial up-and-running quickly and easily, you can also call our Carbonite Business team at (877) 334-7621. In just minutes, we can have you backing up your business.

    We hope that our new Carbonite Business solution will help you to keep your critical business data safe…and - whichever solution you choose for your own business - appreciate your time and interest in Carbonite.

    Best Regards,

    Pete Lamson
    General Manager
    Carbonite Small Business Group

  • Introducing Carbonite Pro

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 02, 2010

    After lots of discussions with our small business users, we're happy to say that the product they've been asking for — Carbonite Pro — has arrived! We think it does a great job of meeting the needs of the various business owners and managers — especially with regards to being simple to use and a great value.

    First, unlike the Carbonite you're used to where you get unlimited backup of one PC, Carbonite Pro lets you back up an unlimited number of PCs. There is just one account to manage and protect all the PCs in your office.

    Then, since most small businesses don't have a full time IT person, we designed Carbonite Pro so virtually any office administrator can easily use it. Everything is in plain English (no confusing technical terms) and the dashboard is simple to use.

    With Carbonite Pro, there's no per-computer charge and you only pay for the amount of backup space you use. And pricing is based on
    a simple tiered system.

    You may not have any idea how much space your company needs and that's why we provide a month free. Throughout the month, you can use the dashboard to see how much space your company is using. You can also see the amount of storage used by each employee. So if someone gets carried away and backs up some very large files, you'll see it.

    There are lots more easy-to-use features in Carbonite Pro. To add a new user, just enter the person's email address and Carbonite will send that user a pre-authorized link to install Carbonite Pro. In fact, the user doesn't even have to be in the office to set up Carbonite Pro. (Sales teams and others who are always on the road or who work at home will love it.) And what if one of your employees leaves the company? It's easy to immediately freeze that employee's account, stop any unauthorized downloading from the backup, and re-assign access of those files to someone else.

    I could go on and on about the numerous benefits of Carbonite Pro, but we all know that a hands-on trial is the best way to see whether the product is right for you. So, if you’re a small business, just go to CarbonitePro.com and sign up for our free trial.

    I absolutely believe you'll find Carbonite Pro very easy to use and the most cost effective online backup solution on the market. When you try it, please let me know how you like it.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite Saved My Virtual World

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 18, 2009

    I get a lot of emails from customers whose files we saved, but a couple of days ago I got one that caught my eye because it was unusually effusive in its praise. I can't resist reprinting it:

    The unthinkable happened. Somehow, someway, completely unexpected (as it always is), a simple power failure dealt a hand that no one in my household saw coming. Without Carbonite, months of work would have been gone. A book concept, complete with photos — gone. Documents that stretched over a five year period — gone. All of my financial records in Quicken — gone. Valuable photos of my family and my new wife, and our honeymoon — gone. First photos of my brand new grandson, born just days ago — gone.

    But thanks to Carbonite — NOT GONE. I used my system restore disk, putting my computer back in service minus all of my files, hoping that Carbonite would be my answer. IT WAS! EVERYTHING was restored. EVERYTHING was recovered. Every file, every photo, every document. I've been sitting in front of my computer, just quietly shaking, stunned that everything that I thought had slipped from my world is back again, safe and sound.

    It is impossible for me to properly thank you. It is equally impossible for me to communicate to you what Carbonite has done for my peace of mind and my sense of security. What might have been the equivalent of an electronic tornado has come back as a clear, blue sky filled with soft clouds.

    Carbonite, and you, are my heroes. HURRAY FOR CARBONITE!!

    Your friend,

    Ricky David Tripp”

    I have to tell you that NO entrepreneur can resist feeling good when they get a letter like this. We work so darned hard, and this is the best kind of payoff we could possibly get! BTW, check out Ricky's web site,
    www.rickydavidtripp.com. He's a very talented dude. I have a soft spot for musicians — I was a music composition major in college. Unlike Ricky, I couldn't make a living at it. Anyway, I'm glad we saved all his stuff!

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Carbonite Success Story

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 25, 2008

    We recently received a nice letter from Jamila White, the E-Commerce Diva, who was saved by Carbonite. For those of you who are running your own business, check out her blog full of great advice. Here's her letter:

    As a full-time "multipreneur" with several businesses — most of them virtual — my livelihood is in my computer. Over the years I've had a number of computer meltdowns where my data was lost. I'm a busy woman, never seemed to have the time or discipline to manually backup my data as often as I should have. I learned the hard way several years ago when my computer's hard drive literally melted and I lost almost all of my files and contacts. I vowed "never again!" My data is too important to gamble with.

    Desperate for a solution that wouldn't fall victim to my busy schedule or my memory, I turned to Carbonite in January 2007. It was affordable and painless. Set up was so easy a monkey could do it! I just set it and forget it, and it automatically backs up all my important files and program settings, and even my music downloads. In May this year, I had another computer meltdown, and everything on my hard drive got wiped out. This time I was prepared — I simply retreived my data from Carbonite and I was back up and running pretty soon afterwards. What a relief.