• National Small Business Week = Tips and a Special Offer

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 22, 2012

    Did you know that this is National Small Business Week? At Carbonite, we’re always impressed by the hard work and amazing accomplishments of our nation’s small businesses, and we are excited to have the opportunity to recognize them small businesses for their positive impact on the lives of their customers, their employees and the economy.

    Carbonite CEO David Friend, an entrepreneur at heart who has founded six companies, offers the following tips for helping small businesses best leverage online services:

    1. Social media platforms connect you with your customers.  Whether it’s Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest, it’s important to leverage social media channels to connect with your customers.  These channels may be one of the quickest ways to let your customers know about your offerings and to remind them of your services. 
    2. Listen with your eyes.  The internet has given consumers a new way to voice their opinions: sharing recommendations and reviews via a multitude of online review sites.  Look at these sites regularly to see what customers are saying about you and set up feeds and alerts where possible so you have real-time updates. Use this as an opportunity to respond to criticism and accept compliments from customers. 
    3. You’ve got mail.  In today’s fast-paced times, consumers may prefer to fire off an email asking you a question. Try to answer emails quickly, which will show the customer that you care about them and that you are able to help them with any issues. A quick response can improve overall customer satisfaction. 
    4. Beware of data thieves.  With more business conducted online than ever before, cyber security should be top of mind. To protect your data do not open suspicious emails, use strong passwords, and also make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware signature database is up to date.
    5. Make sure you’re protected.  Results from a recent study by Carbonite revealed small businesses have big gaps in their data backup plans – putting them at risk for losing valuable information in the instance of power outage, hard drive failure, or even a virus. Online (cloud) backup from Carbonite offers an affordable, more reliable way for small to medium sized businesses to back up their valuable data.

    AND, we’re offering a special discount on Carbonite Business products to help small business owners protect their valuable data. Now, through May 31, we’re offering 3 free bonus months with new Carbonite Business plan subscriptions.

    To take advantage of this special offer, enter the code SMBWEEK at time of purchase. Small businesses can call 1-877-334-7621 or email businesssales@carbonite.com for additional details.

  • Carbonite Celebrates the Small Business Owner

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 16, 2011

    At Carbonite, we understand that small business means large responsibility. Small business owners must simultaneously manage multiple roles to allow innovative ideas to come to life, and their job is never done. For that reason Carbonite celebrates small business heroes this month.

    Recently we conducted a study and found that many small business owners do much more than just run the business. They also manage their companies’ technology and data backup needs:

    • More than 60% of small business owners make new software or technology purchase decisions
    • 52% of small business owners are responsible for backing up their business’ data
    • 40% of small business owners spend at least 52 hours per year on backing up

    There isn’t enough time in a day, so why waste an entire work week backing up business data? Automatic cloud solutions like Carbonite Business ease everyday workloads and keep important digital data safe from disaster, letting small business owners focus on what matters most - running their business.

    So while small businesses prepare for a busy Small Business Saturday on November 26, Carbonite is offering a limited time offer on Carbonite Business to honor them for the work they do.

    From Wednesday, November 16 through Wednesday, November 30, get 3 additional months of Carbonite Business free, with your subscription when you start a free trial or buy. You man the register; we’ll guard your data.

    Try it first by starting a free trial with offer code: SHOPSMB
    Buy now with offer code: BUYSMB

  • Carbonite Celebrates Small Business

    by Lynnette Nolan | May 20, 2011

    Every business has to start somewhere. Maybe the first year it’s just you, then later a few employees, and growing from there. In fact, small businesses generate far more jobs in America than do large enterprises, first because small businesses outnumber large ones and, of even greater importance, small companies hold the most potential for growth.

    This week, the U.S. Small Business Association observed National Small Business Week, and it’s an opportunity for Carbonite once again to celebrate the small businesses that we support every day.

    I’ve started five companies with my long-time business partner Jeff Flowers (Carbonite chief architect and co-founder). At first it’s just us sitting around my dining room table. Now we have over 150 employees and more than a million customers. Much of our success is due to our tens of thousands of small business customers. Big companies can afford to have IT professionals to help with things like computer backup. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of full-time IT staff – they have to do it themselves. That’s why “simple” is our mantra. Anyone can install and use Carbonite online backup. So it’s perfect for the small business.

    So while we’re celebrating National Small Business Week, let’s remember the importance of small businesses to our nation’s economy, and let’s remember how important it is to empower small businesses to succeed by giving them the kinds of tools, like online backup, that puts them on a level playing field with big companies.


  • Carbonite Pro Customer Appears in Forbes Story

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 21, 2010

    I was pleased to read this week about one of our most passionate Carbonite Pro users, Richard Gordon of Carlstone Consulting. Richard recently spoke with Gene Marks of Forbes about the importance of small businesses backing up. You can read the full article here: http://www.forbes.com/2010/07/20/carbonite-mozy-internet-technology-backup.html. I couldn’t have put it any better than Richard did when he said about data loss at a small business, “this WILL happen.” Statistics have proven that a majority of small businesses will face data loss and for those where the data loss is major, they struggle to recover and often end up going out of business.

    Richard was so convincing that the writer interviewing him, Gene Marks, decided to give Carbonite a try. He found it to be simple to get up and running, which has always been a goal of ours since we started the company. After his trial, Gene decided to continue and become a paying subscriber. The large majority of those who trial Carbonite end up signing up for it full-time because it’s just that easy and they know their data is now protected.

    To all our small business customers, we’re eager to hear your story, too. You can e-mail us at testimonials (at) carbonite.com and please cc me directly at david.friend (at) carbonite.com. And if you are one of the small businesses not yet backing up online, join Richard and many others who have been extremely satisfied with Carbonite Pro keeping their files safe.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Running a Small Business?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Aug 19, 2009

    If you run a small business, backing up your data is critical. In fact, in the UK, all businesses are legally obligated to keep certain data records for a minimum of seven years. Not doing so could lead to a hefty fine or even prison sentence if vital data cannot be provided upon request.

    I recently wrote an article for SME Web that addresses how SMEs with a limited IT budget can still protect themselves against losing critical business files.

    SME Web is an online resource for owners and managers of small and medium sized companies in the UK, offering them best-practice advice on how to run their business. If you're interested in reading the full article, click here.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Microsoft Pulls the Plug on Windows Live OneCare

    by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 20, 2008

    Microsoft announced yesterday that they were "throwing in the towel" on their Live OneCare service which included a backup service. According to the web site, "data are continuously protected—automatically backed up on-schedule to a single location I specify."

    This announcement comes on the heels of AOL shuttering its xDrive backup service and several smaller competitors biting the dust. Meanwhile Carbonite continues to grow at double-digit month-over-month rates. And we think at least one of our "pure play" competitors is also enjoying substantial growth. So what's going on here?

    I think it's a matter of focus. Some vendors seem to think that backing up your PC isn't enough. You ought to throw in anti-virus, firewall, syncing PCs and mobile devices, sharing photos with friends and family, and many other "features." Most of these products seem to be dead or on life support.

    Everyone knows they should be backing up their PCs. It's a big and immediate problem. Most of these other features are things that the user already has or are simply a "nice to have" for some subset of users (often younger users who tend to not want to pay for such things). When you have all these other features to sell, it dilutes the important message that you need to be backing up your computer. And because most of them have so many features to support, they don't do a particularly good job at any of them. We're content just to do a spectacularly good job at backup (if I do say so myself). In five years, I believe half the world's PCs will be backing up online. If we want to continue to be number one in this market, we really have to focus and do a better job than anyone else.

    I think Microsoft has found that their expertise at writing software does not automatically translate into an ability to run a rock-solid backup service. When we were out raising our first rounds of venture capital a couple of years ago, I was told repeatedly by investors that Microsoft was going to enter this market and crush us. What has been demonstrated time and again is that if you focus on doing one job exceptionally well and if you're motivated to the point where you’re life depends on it, no big corporation can keep you down.

    CEO, Carbonite