• September is Disaster Preparedness Month...Do You Have a Plan?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Sep 14, 2012

    This Labor Day weekend, did you access files from your laptop? Did you celebrate Grandparent’s Day by emailing pictures and home videos of the kids? Have you taken a break from Twitter and Facebook to knock out a few intro paragraphs of this semester’s research paper? Is your small business easing back into the 9-5 swing after a schedule of summer Fridays?

    There’s a lot going on in September – and since most of it is happening right on our electronic devices, it’s not surprising that September is Disaster Preparedness month. We’re always extoling the virtues of automatic, online backup – but each September we like to remind people just how important it is to ensure your data is protected, especially since disasters come in all forms at any time.

    We’ve created a checklist for our home office and small business customers, but the advice really applies to anyone who’s got a digital life. Which nowadays is virtually everyone!

    Here are a few tips for anyone who has assignments, pictures, orders, customer contacts, or financial documents saved on their computer:

    • Evaluate your current backup plan. Do you have one? What would you do if your computer crashed or if it was stolen? If you had to leave your home, office or dorm in a flash, would you be able to retrieve data left behind?
    • Backup your data constantly. Make sure your plan is automatic and continual. Carbonite is always working in the background. Set-and-forget is key!
    • Make a plan to recover your files after a disaster. Our support team is available via email, phone or online chat. So if needed, take a deep breath, reach out to Carbonite, and let us help get you back up and running!

    Even if you’ve already “fallen” into your new autumn routine, it’s never too late to start practicing data safety with your own DIY online backup plan! Begin today with a Carbonite free trial!

  • World Backup Day Tips from Carbonite - Test a Restore

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 27, 2012

    With the majority of Americans keeping digital-only versions of data, it’s alarming to learn that 46% of Americans would never see their files again if something happened to them. What would you do if you lost the only copy of your resume or your music collection was deleted?

    The main reason our customers back up their computers is to ensure they can recover their valuable files if they are lost, deleted, or damaged. That’s why our next World Backup Day backup tip is to test out a restore before there’s an actual need to recover your files, so you know what to do.

    World Backup Day Backup Tip #2: Test a Restore

    Performing a test restore is a great way for you to ensure you will know how to restore your files from your Carbonite backup. As you can imagine, if you do need to retrieve a deleted file or have just experienced a crash, it can be a stressful moment. Follow these step-by-step instructions to see how simple it is to restore your files, as well as guarantee you’ve selected all desired locations for backup.

    Steps to perform a test restore:

    Now, if you ever need to perform a critical file restore, you’ll be ready! For help on how to perform a complete restore of all your files, read Restoring All of Your Files in our online support knowledge base. Not a Carbonite customer yet? Start a free trial today.

  • World Backup Day is March 31 - What Are Your Files Worth?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 22, 2012

    What if your computer crashed today, would you be able to get all of your files back? If not, what would you be willing to sacrifice to recover your precious data? World Backup Day, a day for computer data backup awareness, is March 31. A recent study from Carbonite revealed that although 82% of Americans keep only digital files, 39% haven’t backed up their data in over a year. And what they’d be willing to give up to get back their lost data is surprising!

    In honor of this event we ask you to consider what your digital files are worth to you and if you’re keeping them safe. If you’re not already backing up with Carbonite, we invite you to start a free trial so you can start safeguarding your files today!

  • Big Gaps in Small Business Backup Plans [Infographic]

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 13, 2012

    How reliable is your small business’ data backup plan? Recently, we surveyed small businesses to study how they prepare for a data disaster. We found that many small businesses are in fact backing up their data – yet despite known risks, they continue to choose a range of out-of-date and unreliable technologies to protect important business data.

    Close the gaps in your small business backup plan. Try a free 30-day trial of Carbonite Business, and if you’re ready to trade in your “clunker" of a backup solution now, you can get 3 months free with this limited time offer.

  • Free Webinars: Data Disaster Recovery for SMBs and Online Data Backup Best Practices with the Carbonite Business Team

    by Lynnette Nolan | Oct 19, 2011

    Join the Carbonite Business team next week for two free, live webinars designed to educate on cloud-based data protection for small to mid-sized businesses.

    Tuesday, October 25 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. EST
    Affordable Approaches to Cloud-based Backup for SMBs

    A great data protection strategy calls for the primary onsite copy to be well protected. You might have local backup copies for a fast restore, but chances are that you have data and files that would really benefit from the additional protection of offsite backup. This broadcast will discuss approaches to cloud-based backup for offsite protection for smaller offices with multiple computers and larger offices that also require server backup.

    Your Presenter: This webinar is hosted by the Drobo Broadcast Network and features special guest expert Pete Lamson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Small Business Division at Carbonite.

    Technical Requirements: Internet connection and speakers/headphones

    Update: Registration for this event is now closed.

    Wednesday, October 26 at 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST
    What Every Business Should Be Doing, But Isn’t: Do-it-yourself Disaster Prep

    In August, Carbonite surveyed small business owners to determine their companies’ preparedness in case of a data disaster event. We found that more than 80 percent of small business owners render their data their organization’s most valuable asset, yet less than half have even considered protecting their data from a disaster.

    During this free, 60-minute webinar you will learn:

    • What misconceptions hold back many small businesses from having a disaster preparedness plan in place
    • What a disaster preparedness plan should include for small businesses
    • How to create a plan to help ensure your business can continue to operate should a disaster - natural, technical or otherwise - strike
    • Key steps small businesses can take immediately to get started with a plan

    Your Presenter: This webinar is hosted by Office Arrow and features guest expert Sara Callanen, Small Business Marketing Manager, Small Business Division at Carbonite.

    Technical Requirements: Internet connection and speakers/headphones

    Update: Registration for this event is now closed.

  • September is National Preparedness Month - Are Small Businesses Prepared for a Data Disaster? [Infographic]

    by Lynnette Nolan | Sep 15, 2011

    Disasters – fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornados – can happen anywhere and can cripple businesses in an instant, as we all know too well from recent events across the country. And natural disaster can mean data disaster. In fact, FEMA has stated that for 40 to 60 percent of small businesses a data disaster can mean company failure.

    In August, Carbonite surveyed small business owners to determine their companies’ preparedness in case of a data disaster event. What we found was that more than 80 percent of small business owners render their data their organization’s most valuable asset, yet less than half have even considered protecting their data from a disaster.  

    With the variety of affordable, accessible, easy to use data backup technologies available to business owners today, this is an investment businesses can’t afford not to make.

    In recognition of September as National Preparedness month, Carbonite is demonstrating its commitment to support SMBs in their disaster preparation efforts with a special limited-time promotion. Current Carbonite Business customers who refer other companies to Carbonite Business will earn one free month added to their account for every business that starts a Carbonite Business trial from their referral – up to a total of 24 earned bonus months. New customers referred through the program will also receive one free month added to their subscription. Visit our promotion site and start earning your free months today.

  • Why Do US Small Businesses Lose Data? [Infographic]

    by Lynnette Nolan | Aug 09, 2011

    What would your small business do if your computers were stolen or destroyed? Would your important data still exist? In April, Carbonite surveyed small businesses with between two and 20 employees to study their disaster recovery and data backup methods. We found that almost half of small businesses have already lost irreplaceable data.

    Want some quick tips for protecting your small business’ data? Listen to Pete Lamson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Carbonite's Small Business Group, on Business Owner's Toolkit.

  • Introducing a Better Way to Back Up Your Business

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 15, 2011

    I grew up in a small business family. My father ran a dental practice for 40+ years with my mother at his side managing his administrative needs. Sometimes after school my brother and I would help out with filing (not our favorite thing as a teenagers, but it was needed and we were expected to pitch in). When I was 12 years old or so, my father’s office building was devastated by a flood. Furniture, carpets and equipment were destroyed.

    Fortunately, his patients' medical records, the lifeblood of his business, were soggy but intact. Today, he would not have been so lucky. The same records that in my father’s day were on paper and film are now 100% digital. Digitals files on computers, hard drives or other devices are lost when disaster or office theft occurs. And his business, and by association our family, would have endured extreme hardship.

    With this personal history in mind, I am pleased to announce that Carbonite has launched a new and better way for small businesses to back up their invaluable data…Carbonite Business.

    Carbonite Business was developed specifically with small businesses in mind, and reflects the input that small business owners across the country have provided to us as we conducted extensive research and interviews over the past year.

    What we heard most from small business owners along the way was that they understood and wanted the superior data protection and security that online backup solutions such as Carbonite offer…but that they needed it to be simple to manage and priced in a way that fit their budgets and justified the switch from their current approach to backing up.

    Carbonite Business now allows small businesses to take advantage of the benefits offered by online backup protection, at a price that just makes good business sense. For as little as $229 per year, or well less than a buck a day, small businesses can now back up their entire business.

    Among the specific benefits that Carbonite Business offers small businesses are:

    • Automatic and continual backup of your business’ important documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, photos, music, and other data files.
    • Flat-fee annual pricing plans that allow you to back up an unlimited number of PCs and Macs for one simple price (and, unlike competitor products, with zero “per computer” charge).
    • External Hard Drive backup.
    • Safety & Security via Carbonite's software encryption, which encrypts files before your data even reaches our secure Data Centers
    • Anytime, Anywhere Access to your backed-up files from any browser, iOS, Blackberry, or Android mobile device.
    • An easy-to-use online administration console that provides you—or your office manager—a complete view to the backup status of each computer and the ability to grant remote access permissions on a user-by-user basis.
    • U.S. based customer support via online chat, email, or phone…from 8:00am to Midnight (EST), seven days a week.
    • The peace of mind that goes with working with Carbonite, a leader in online backup who has already backed up more than 100 billion files--and successfully restored over 7 billion files to customers who otherwise would have lost their important data forever.

    Carbonite Business includes all of the above features, and includes 250GB of data protection for just $229 per year. For small businesses looking to back up a server, our Carbonite Premier solution provides server protection and includes up to 500GB of data protection. Both solutions also offer small businesses the option to add additional backup storage “packs” in 50GB or 100GB increments.

    Visit Carbonite.com/business to see how easy it is for you to try Carbonite Business risk free. We offer a no obligation, 30-day free trial period…with no need to even enter credit card information until you decide to buy. Use offer code "launch" when you sign up for the free trial and you'll get 2 free months when you decide to buy.

    If you have questions about Carbonite Business or even want some help getting 30-day free trial up-and-running quickly and easily, you can also call our Carbonite Business team at (877) 334-7621. In just minutes, we can have you backing up your business.

    We hope that our new Carbonite Business solution will help you to keep your critical business data safe…and - whichever solution you choose for your own business - appreciate your time and interest in Carbonite.

    Best Regards,

    Pete Lamson
    General Manager
    Carbonite Small Business Group

  • Why Offsite Backup is So Important

    by Lynnette Nolan | Apr 12, 2010

    I ran across this blog post last week:

    My heart goes out to local music composer Roslyn Catracchia. Thieves broke into her Aina Haina home the other day and stole, among other things, two computers and a backup drive containing her life's work of of musical scores and musicals. That includes the musical score for stage production of "The Princess and the Iso Peanut," which will be running at the Hawaii Theatre this month… if Catracchia had backed up her computer using Carbonite, resurrection of the last files would be a simple download to a new computer.

    This reminds me of a similar incident a few years ago involving film director Francis Ford Coppola — someone broke into his house and stole his computer and backup hard drive and he lost 15 years of photos, screenplays, and writing. This sort of thing happens all the time. Lenovo published a report a few years ago that suggested that almost 10% of laptops eventually get stolen or lost.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Wildfires in Santa Barbara

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 02, 2009

    Kim Komando sent me this letter that she got from one of her listeners:

    Dear Kim:

    Not really a question...What was I (NOT)thinking????? My husband and I were in Hawaii on business when we heard there was a wildfire in Santa Barbara — near our neighborhood. While trying to keep the panic down, talking with the house sitter who was caring for our two dogs and cat...I suddenly realized — OUR COMPUTERS!!! I had the laptop, but all the real stuff was on my external drive. That little black box..sitting on my desk in a house that could burn down. Our house sitter had already evacuated and wouldn't be able to get back in — perhaps our niece's husband could make his way to and in the house to retrieve the box? He did get it but I couldn't help but think of the ramifications had he not been successful.

    The bottom line — I not only GOT how valuable Carbonite was — but I also GOT how stupid of me to be sitting at the airport trying to get back home and have to worry about losing all our data. It's day three and my Carbonite is still backing up. Kim — many thanks for recommending it and oh yes — we still have our house (and Carbonite).

    - Maria

    By chance, one of Carbonite's investors, Floyd Bradley, lives in the same neighborhood and sent me this picture from his back yard. Better believe he has Carbonite on ALL his computers!

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Think You're Safe Backing Up to an External Hard Drive or Second Computer?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 10, 2009

    The Sunday New York Times had this little story regarding one of the passengers on the US Air flight that crashed into the Hudson River:

    When US Airways Flight 1549 went into the Hudson River last month, it gave William Wiley, an engineer at Software Associates, a new meaning for the term "computer crash."

    Mr. Wiley was on his way home to Johnson, Tenn., from the company's headquarters on Long Island. He had years of work on his laptop, carefully backed up on another laptop — but both were on the plane with him.

    Now the two laptops are among approximately 50,000 passenger items that a mortuary company has frozen, in refrigerated trucks, to preserve them until they can be dried, cleaned and returned to their owners."

    This particular situation is not likely to happen to anyone, but you can imagine innumerable similar circumstances. The more frequent event is that someone breaks into your house or car and steals your computer and the external backup drive sitting next to it. We hear stories like that all the time.

    In any event, the US Air story, like the California wildfire stories last Fall, all mount up to a compelling reason to backup online where the data is safe from all these hazards.

    CEO, Carbonite

  • Disaster Hits Home

    by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 11, 2008

    Earlier this week I had gotten a note from one of our employees about the recent fires in Santa Barbara, CA. 230 houses burned down. All the people who thought they had their data backed up on CDs, DVDs, and external hard drives lost everything.

    Then it happened in my own family. My son's house in Cambridge, MA was completely gutted by fire yesterday. Here's the story on Boston.com. He was awakened by a neighbor pounding on his door and discovered smoke seeping from the floor boards under his bed. Moments later the house was completely engulfed in flames. He got out barefoot in his pajamas. His Mac with all his professional work was vaporized, as was his external hard drives that he used for backup. I am kicking myself for not getting him onto our Mac beta, but he was waiting for the production release next month.

    Believe me, this kind of thing is not an abstract possibility. It actually happens all the time, and when you think about what you've lost, it makes you sick.

    CEO, Carbonite