• Carbonite Security Update: Heartbleed

    by Megan Wittenberger | Apr 14, 2014

    As you may have seen in recent news, a major vulnerability has been exposed in OpenSSL, a popular web encryption software used widely across the internet. This vulnerability – dubbed Heartbleed – makes it possible for hackers to access information transmitted from your computer even though it is being encrypted via the HTTPS protocol. 

    Data privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us. Here’s some information about how Carbonite has been affected by Heartbleed, and what – if any – steps our users need to take.

    Carbonite Personal and Pro are unaffected
    Carbonite Personal and Pro subscriptions do not use the affected encryption software. Your personal data was never at risk. With Carbonite’s Personal and Pro subscriptions, your data is protected by the following safeguards:

    Encryption: Your data is encrypted while on your computer and securely transmitted to our data centers, where it stays encrypted.
    Data centers: Our state-of-the-art data centers are guarded 24/7, employ temperature control and biometric scanners, and have backup generators in the event of a power disruption.
    Third-party compliance audit: We recently completed a six-month audit with an outside firm to ensure all of our practices meet the strict federal guidelines of HIPAA and SOC 2. The external auditor found that we met or exceeded the requirements.

    If any of your other online vendors has been impacted by Heartbleed and you use the same password as you do for Carbonite, we recommend changing both passwords. Your Carbonite password should only be used for our service, and data security best practices state that a password should be at least 10 characters, with capital letters, numbers and symbols.

    Carbonite Sync & Share and Server backup are affected
    We are using the affected software for Carbonite Sync & Share and Carbonite Server backup. Carbonite has not experienced any signs of exploitation as a result of this widespread internet vulnerability, and we have taken immediate steps to remediate the vulnerability and obtain new encryption certificates. These two steps provide full resolution of this issue, however to ensure you are fully protected, we recommend you change your Carbonite password. We are currently in the process of obtaining new security certificates, and will send an email to all Sync & Share and Carbonite Server backup users when it's been completed so they can change their passwords.

  • You Know You're a Business Owner When...

    by Sara Harold | Feb 19, 2014

    There are more than 23 million small businesses in the US. They provide us with things like coffee every morning, dry-cleaned clothes, legal representation, preventative healthcare and tax prep. Take a peek into their lives, and thank a small business owner for all they do today! (Hugs are good too.)

    You can’t count the number of times you’ve heard the phrase “Wears many hats.
    But you know it’s way more than the number of hats you have – metaphorically and in your closet.

     Vacation – what’s that?!
    You can’t remember the last time you made it through an entire vacation without checking in with the office, reading emails or making business calls. Maybe when you retire.

    It drives you crazy when people say, “But you’re your own boss! How hard can that be?”
    If it was this easy, everyone would run their own business.

    You’re a networking machine.

    Whether it’s catching up with the president of the Chamber of Commerce at the post office or running into a potential client at dinner, you always stop to have a word (or 500). How else are you supposed to know what’s going on in your community and industry?!

    You’re a planner.
    A good business plan is a work of art – and you aim to be Van Gogh.


    You’re part of the backbone of America – thank you for all that you do!

  • More Choices, New Features: Introducing our New Business Plans

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 13, 2014

    Last week, our Brand Director, Ali, shared the details of our site redesign. We hope you’ve had a chance to look around and – more importantly, we hope you like what you see!

    Our site was redesigned to assist our customers with all things business continuity; our revamped business plans put the pro in professional and our new server plans serve all your data protection needs. Rest assured, Carbonite still offers the same simple, automatic backup for your personal computer, home office or small business – but we’ve added some great features to ensure that our plans are covering all your bases! As we’ve talked to more and more business owners who are backing up with us, we’ve gotten some important insights into what businesses want and need. And we’ve incorporated that feedback into designing our new plans.

    Check out the details:

    Starting at $269.99 per year, our HIPAA-compliant Pro plans will back up the financial data, healthcare records and other crucial business files on all of your business’s workstations. See how we stack up against the competition.

    business dashboard
    You can now back up all of your databases and live applications – like Exchange, SQL & Oracle – starting at just $799.99 per year. And just like our Pro plans, our Server options can help your business keep up with HIPAA compliance. Our server plans also boast the fastest speeds around!

    Fast backups and restores and minimal downtime in the event of a disaster are two critical pieces to all business continuity plans. With the new Carbonite appliance, images of your business’s servers are saved on-site and in the cloud.

    Sync & Share
    Accessing your data is just as important as protecting it and work doesn’t always end when you leave the office. So we’ve added Sync & Share to all of our plans, arming you with the ability to access, edit and share documents with your colleagues and collaborators – even if they aren’t Carbonite customers!

    We hope these updates make your life easier when it comes to chosing the right plan for your needs. And if you’re already backing up your business with us, our added features will continue to provide peace of mind, knowing your data protected and your business has the power to stay up and running. Stay tuned because there’s more to come!

  • A New Look and a Better Way to Back up Your Business

    by Ali Aldrich | Jan 09, 2014

    From technology to our website (like our new look?!), a lot has changed since we started backing up, back in 2005! But one thing has always remained constant for us: understanding the importance of protecting what matters. We were founded around a dining room table after our CEO’s daughter lost a semester’s worth of work, and our co-founder’s wife lost a laptop full of pictures.

    Now we’re helping our customers save so much more than memories and homework. We’re backing up files, folders and servers. We’re helping businesses reduce downtime after a disaster. Over the years, we’ve found that we're able to help our customers by understanding what’s important to them, and offering solutions that are easy, automatic and affordable.

    Along with our new site design and new plans is an all new blog! Not only do we have your backup, but we’ve also got your back when it comes to all things business. So stay tuned, because we’ll be sharing tips, tricks and expert advice to keep your small business up-to-date on tech trends.