Earth (Day) Week

by Lynnette Nolan | Apr 23, 2008

Yesterday was Earth Day, but on the radio someone said  that it’s actually Earth Week.

Our question is: since when does being environmentally friendly need to be confined to a set time period? Shouldn’t this time of heightened awareness for our planet last for more than one week? Shouldn’t we keep the future of our earth at the top of mind all the time and not just for one designated week?

But a week (or day) is better than nothing, and hearing that made us think of simple things we can all do to help save the planet. Like backing up, which this post suggests as way to help us go green. With online backup, you don’t have to save hard copies of documents and you don’t have to store stacks of plastic disks or CDs with all your backups on them. And, online backup cuts down on home storage devices that have to be produced and shipped around the globe.

So, if you don’t use online backup for any other reason… do it for the planet. After all, it is “Earth Week.”