Ask a Carbonista: Customer Support's Ten Most Wanted - Part 2

by Lynnette Nolan | May 29, 2008

Customer Support's
Ten Most Wanted

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In Carbonite’s Customer Support department, we answer thousands of questions each week, and many folks want to know the same things. I’ve compiled a list of the top ten questions we receive most often and the best (general) answers we can give. These answers are specific to Carbonite Version 3.5. (If you’re on an earlier version, log into your account and reinstall Carbonite to get the latest version.) Given the length of some of the answers, I have decided to turn this into a multi-part post. And so, without any further ado, here's part 2:

3. If I delete a file from my computer, how long will Carbonite keep it in my backup?

As a backup program, Carbonite maintains a copy of each of the files that are on your computer. If you delete files, Carbonite marks those files for removal from the backup server. We know that folks sometimes delete the wrong file by accident and don’t notice right away, so we save the files you delete for thirty days before removing them. If you’re a trial customer, we’ll keep the file for 30 days or for 15 days after your trial has ended – whichever is shorter.

4. Is it really unlimited? No, seriously… How much can I back up?

Yes, it really IS unlimited - we don't limit how much data you can back up. Remember, the more you back up, the longer it will take, both to back up and to restore. Ultimately, practicality will determine just how much you should back up. Folks with hundreds of gigabytes of data really should consider a local backup solution, such as an external hard drive, for their less important files and use Carbonite to back up the most important items.

5. How do I restore just one file (or a few files)?

To restore individual items (rather than the entire computer), just open the Carbonite Backup Drive located within My Computer and browse to items you want to restore. Folders in the Carbonite Backup Drive are organized the same way as they were on your computer. Right-click the item or items you want to restore, and then select Restore.