Carbonite Success Story

by Lynnette Nolan | Jul 25, 2008

We recently received a nice letter from Jamila White, the E-Commerce Diva, who was saved by Carbonite. For those of you who are running your own business, check out her blog full of great advice. Here's her letter:

As a full-time "multipreneur" with several businesses — most of them virtual — my livelihood is in my computer. Over the years I've had a number of computer meltdowns where my data was lost. I'm a busy woman, never seemed to have the time or discipline to manually backup my data as often as I should have. I learned the hard way several years ago when my computer's hard drive literally melted and I lost almost all of my files and contacts. I vowed "never again!" My data is too important to gamble with.

Desperate for a solution that wouldn't fall victim to my busy schedule or my memory, I turned to Carbonite in January 2007. It was affordable and painless. Set up was so easy a monkey could do it! I just set it and forget it, and it automatically backs up all my important files and program settings, and even my music downloads. In May this year, I had another computer meltdown, and everything on my hard drive got wiped out. This time I was prepared — I simply retreived my data from Carbonite and I was back up and running pretty soon afterwards. What a relief.