Carbonite Receives Praise from UK Media

by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 04, 2009

I wanted to share some great press that Carbonite has gotten lately from the UK. First, Web User, a popular UK magazine, gave us the publication's top Gold Award and 5/5 stars. We beat out all the usual competitors for the Gold.

In addition to the Gold Award at Web User magazine, we also got kudos from The National Student Guide, Raising Kids, UK Family and Sixtyplusurfers. The staff at Sixtyplusurfers are big fans of Carbonite and have used the service themselves commenting: "I thoroughly advise everyone to use Carbonite. Both myself and Murray [publication editor] at Sixtyplusurfers subscribe to the service and would never be without it. Constantly saving all your work, data, pictures and all your important documents, the service is simple to use and unobtrusive."

We were also named by Tech Radar as one of the 15 best file synching apps on the planet at number seven.

CEO, Carbonite