Kim Komando Spreads the Word about Carbonite

by User Not Found | May 08, 2009

I thought I would share a nice letter that one of Kim Komando's listeners sent to her and that she forwarded:

Dear Kim,

THANK YOU for repeatedly mentioning! Our computer crashed two weeks ago and we had to replace it. We were able to recover 99 gigs of data that would have been lost if I hadn't heard your ad and nagged my husband until he started the back up process with Carbonite about 9 months ago.

- Cindi Johnston

Thank you, Cindi, for the kind words. I've gotten to know Kim over the last year and she's been a great spokesperson for Carbonite. I enjoy all our other spokespersons, but how often do you run across a smart, beautiful, blonde, self-professed geek with 4 million listeners? If you aren't already a listener, she does a great show. Check her web site,, for a station in your area. And in her Small Business Center , you'll find a podcast we recorded last time I was out visiting her.

CEO, Carbonite