Carbonite for Mac Has Launched!

by Lynnette Nolan | Jun 16, 2009

After a really long series of betas, Carbonite for Mac is finally launched and off to a strong start. I have to confess that this product has been a lot longer in coming than I had ever expected. We actually had a working version over a year ago, but when we put it out to the Mac community the feedback was that it had too much of the look and feel of a Windows product. So we decided to assemble a new development team composed only of Mac fanatics and they completely redesigned the interface. We put the resulting new version into beta again about 4 months ago, and this time the reaction from the Mac community has been great. "Simple and intuitive, just like the Mac," one beta user wrote to me. "I like the set-and-forget aspect of Carbonite. I'm am so tired of messing around with Time Machine, and it's half the price," said another.

The release of Carbonite for Mac completes a long cycle for me. Back in 2005, one of the events that got Jeff and me to start Carbonite was my daughter's hard drive crashing. As a Mac user, she's been waiting a long time. I've been a Windows guy for years, but I now have both a Mac and Windows machine on my desk and I can understand why my kids have migrated to the Mac – it's a great machine.

CEO, Carbonite