Listen to Carbonite CEO, Dave Friend, in the TechByter Podcast

by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 18, 2009

Bill Blinn of TechByter Worldwide interviewed our CEO, Dave Friend, for the November 15, 2009 TechByter podcast.

As a Carbonite fan, Blinn discussed his confidence in our online backup service as he introduce this week’s TechByter podcast, "The real safety net, and it's one that has saved me more times than I like to admit, is Carbonite. It's easy to make a dumb mistake that deletes files I need. I can get them back from my hot backup or from my Acronis backup. But more often than not, I've recovered them from my Carbonite backup."

Dave's interview can be found on in two parts:

Listen to Part 1 (Audio 5:07)

Listen to Part 2 (Audio 1:13)