Carbonite iPhone App Passes 10,000 Downloads

by Lynnette Nolan | Apr 29, 2010

I just noticed that we passed 10,000 downloads of our Carbonite iPhone application and it's only been out a few months. It's such a useful app. My wife and I were in the car last week when she got a call from her publisher who urgently needed a copy of a chapter from her latest book. My wife's Mac is backed up with Carbonite, so she was able to find the file on her iPhone and email it to her publisher right from the car.

Recently, our chief operating officer, Keith Cooper, played me a voicemail that a friend of his had left for him. "Keith, this is Todd. I just downloaded your iPhone app. I didn't know you had one until yesterday and it is absolutely awesome! I can view all of my documents from my iPhone… so convenient. So, nice job! Very cool! Extremely cool!"

It's also gratifying to read some of the recent user reviews on the App Store: "Amazing App (5 stars) Unbelievable to have my PC with me. My only wish is for a slideshow for picture files. That would make this app perfect." "Great app, please make for the iPad (5 stars) Great app!" [Our iPhone app works on the iPad, but we'll work on releasing an iPad optimized version in the future – DF]. "Makes me a huge fan (5 stars) Needed it and it was there… Thank you!"

We also got a couple of black eyes, like this post: "Buggy and slow (1 star) Very slow especially when opening a directory with many files. Help file is incomplete with limited explanations. When opening very large PDFs, will crash randomly. App shows old PC subscriptions that no longer exist. Great concept, but needs a lot of polish!"

Well, good news: version 1.1 was just released to the App Store. This new version is much faster and uses much more sophisticated caching. The help section is improved, all known bugs are fixed and expired subscriptions no longer show up. It is much more polished from both a functional and graphical point of view. If you haven't tried the iPhone app, now is a good time. If you're a Carbonite subscriber, it's completely free. You can even use it during the free trial period.

Stay tuned for more product announcements on the mobile front in the months to come.

CEO, Carbonite