Carbonite 4.0 Officially Launched Today

by Lynnette Nolan | Sep 14, 2010

Here at Carbonite HQ, we’re thrilled to announce the official release of version 4.0 of our unlimited online backup service for Windows.

I like to say that Carbonite is not in the backup business – we’re in the restore business – and that’s what version 4.0 is all about.  Our product team put a great deal of effort into further-simplifying the restore process in version 4.0. Too often in our industry, the focus falls on the initial backup process and features, but restore is where an online backup product has to deliver on its promise.

The cornerstone of this effort is 4.0’s Restore Manager, which sets a new standard for getting files back.  Restore Manager guides users through the process of quickly and easily restoring anything they have backed up, from a single file to all of their backed up data.

Other new features in 4.0 include:

  • A Restore Search feature that enables users to search for and build a complete list of files to restore. Users can search their backup based on full or partial file name, date, file size, the original location of the file on your computer, or file type. 
  • The Priority File Restore feature allows users to specify which files they want restored first, making file restoration as efficient as possible.  
  • If users are restoring to a new Windows operating system, the Migration Wizard will ensure all restored data ends up in the proper file structure for the target OS.
  • Versioning enables users to restore previous versions of any backed up file if they accidently save over or delete older versions. Carbonite keeps older versions of files for up to three months.
  • Once a restore is complete, the detailed Restore Summary Report identifies exactly how many files were restored and specifies the location of any relocated files.
  • A Redesigned InfoCenter, which clearly communicates backup and restore status, scheduling options and customer service information.
  • A new SetUp Configuration completely automates standard setup while retaining custom options for advanced users.
  • Additional integration with Remote File Access from any computer or via mobile applications for iPhone®, iPod Touch® and BlackBerry® smartphones.

We’ve gone to great lengths to provide the best restore experience in the iindustry and we believe that version 4.0 puts us in a class by ourselves when it comes to the total restore experience.  Please let us know what you think.

CEO, Carbonite