Google Builds A Better eBook

by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 08, 2010

As expected, Google entered the electronic book business this week, with an online retail store that will compete with major players like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple.  


These other retailers all sell e-books to be downloaded onto and read on their proprietary hardware devices (Kindle, Nook and iPad).  Not only do they make money selling books, but they also make a tidy profit selling devices to read them on.


So is Google building their own eReader to support their eBooks?   Not by a longshot.  Google's e-books live in the cloud and are device-agnostic, and therein lies the magic.  You can start reading on your iPad, continue on your office computer, and finish up on your smart phone, picking up exactly where you left off.  


This is yet another example of the power of the public cloud – the world at your fingertips.  


What bugs me is that most people now have better access to books of obscure 16th century Persian poetry than they do to the files on their own computers! Carbonite's trying to change that.   But before you can access your files in the cloud, you have to get the files up there in the first place.  That's the part that we have made totally idiot-proof and completely automatic for over a million users.  It takes no effort at all – you just install Carbonite and we do the rest.  Our new mobile access apps let you browse your photos, stream your music, view your office documents, and download or email virtually any file.   


The personal cloud is coming.



CEO, Carbonite