A $50 Pat on the Back

by Lynnette Nolan | Apr 11, 2011

Technical support reps are the unsung heroes of the software industry. The day in the life of a support rep at Carbonite is filled with phone calls that generally begin with unhappy, stressed-out, customers and end with happy, relieved customers. While our reps have received no shortage of thank you notes, last week was the first time someone actually sent a thank you check. Many thanks to him for making our day!

Here’s the note in full:

Dear Jim:

I am enclosing in a separate snail mail delivery today my personal check for $50.00 made payable to you. This is NOT for Carbonite. This check is for you, Ron, and Wilson to go to lunch together. I am only about two months late in sending you this check and I have thought about doing it every day for those two months. You three deserve so much more for helping me during the transition from Windows Vista SP 2 to Windows 7 Home Premium and from Microsoft Office 2003 Professional to the new 2010 Update. I am still struggling with both of those new programs and I will send you an email later about some of the questions I have about the change-over.

Thank you again Jim, Ron, and Wilson. I hope you will enjoy the luncheon and give yourselves a pat on the back for your conscientious determination to make Carbonite the best of its kind in the world today!

Jim M.

Needless to say that our support reps wouldn't accept the check, but they certainly enjoyed the pat on the back.