Carbonite Celebrates Small Business

by Lynnette Nolan | May 20, 2011

Every business has to start somewhere. Maybe the first year it’s just you, then later a few employees, and growing from there. In fact, small businesses generate far more jobs in America than do large enterprises, first because small businesses outnumber large ones and, of even greater importance, small companies hold the most potential for growth.

This week, the U.S. Small Business Association observed National Small Business Week, and it’s an opportunity for Carbonite once again to celebrate the small businesses that we support every day.

I’ve started five companies with my long-time business partner Jeff Flowers (Carbonite chief architect and co-founder). At first it’s just us sitting around my dining room table. Now we have over 150 employees and more than a million customers. Much of our success is due to our tens of thousands of small business customers. Big companies can afford to have IT professionals to help with things like computer backup. Small businesses don’t have the luxury of full-time IT staff – they have to do it themselves. That’s why “simple” is our mantra. Anyone can install and use Carbonite online backup. So it’s perfect for the small business.

So while we’re celebrating National Small Business Week, let’s remember the importance of small businesses to our nation’s economy, and let’s remember how important it is to empower small businesses to succeed by giving them the kinds of tools, like online backup, that puts them on a level playing field with big companies.