Ask a Carbonista: Does Carbonite Back Up iTunes?

by Lynnette Nolan | Aug 17, 2011

Jason, this news will be music to your ears: yes- Carbonite does back up iTunes.

With any paid subscription, Carbonite will automatically back up all of the music files located in your iTunes folder – this won’t work during a free trial.

Here’s how it works. By default, the iTunes folder is located in the Music folder under your User profile and iTunes automatically downloads your music files to this location. If you keep your downloads directed to this folder, you won’t have to think twice about backing up your music files. If you store your music files outside of your User profile, you’ll need to take minor steps to include your music files in your automatic back up.

Once your music files are backed up, you can listen to them from your smartphone by downloading the free Carbonite Access app for your Android, RIM, or Apple device!

Want to learn more? Read Backing Up Your iTunes Music on our support page.

Just a note: Carbonite Access is now Carbonite Mobile. Learn more here.