Ask a Carbonista: Will I Forfeit Remaining Free Trial Days if I Subscribe Before My Trial is Over?

by Lynnette Nolan | Sep 07, 2011

Happy to hear you've taken the first step to protecting your precious files, @chikvegan!

Carbonite offers 15-day free trials of Carbonite Home  and 30-day trials of Carbonite Business to allow individuals and small businesses to try the services before they decide to buy.

If you do decide to purchase a paid subscription before your free trial is through, the remaining days on your free trial will simply be added to your paid subscription. There is no need to wait the full 15 or 30 days to start your paid subscription; Carbonite will honor your full free trial.

Want to try your own free trial? Start a Carbonite Home & Home Office 15-day free trial or a Carbonite Business 30-day free trial.