Ask a Carbonista: My Computer Crashed - How Do I Restore My Files?

by Lynnette Nolan | Oct 05, 2011

I’m sorry to hear about your computer crash, Dan. But don’t worry, it’s a cinch to reinstall Carbonite and restore your files.

First step – reinstall your programs to your new computer. This will allow you to open your files on these programs once they are restored.

Once the programs are installed, you can download Carbonite. Use the Restore Manager (Restore Assistant if you are using a Mac) to help restore your backed up files to your new computer. To help speed up your restore process, our support team recommends you perform all necessary Windows updates prior to your restore. Or temporarily turn off the updates during the restore process. You should also configure your power settings to disable sleep mode or hibernation.

When your restore is complete and you've double checked that you have all your files, you can resume your backup and continue to protect your files on your new machine.

Want to learn more? Read How to Recover from a Computer Crash in our support knowledge base. Or call a customer support representative at 1-877-222-5488.