Ask a Carbonista: Do You Offer Gift Subscriptions for the Holidays

by User Not Found | Dec 09, 2011

Great question to get us in the holiday spirit, Mike!

This holiday season, we're excited to offer Carbonite subscribers the opportunity to give the gift of online backup. Current Carbonite customers will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Carbonite Gift page. Once you gain access to the gift page, you can purchase Carbonite Home for friends, family, and others. While we think this feature is great for gifting to those you think should be safeguarding their important digital files, it’s also useful for gifting to family members who don’t have access to a credit card, like college students.

After you purchase Carbonite as a gift, your recipient will receive an email that will lead them through the process of installing and/or applying the subscription that was purchased.

Please note, gift subscriptions are currently only available for existing customers.

Want to learn more? Read Buying Carbonite as a Gift in our support knowledge base.