Quick Tips to Safeguard Your Tax Documents This Tax Season

by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 28, 2012
It’s that time of the year again – tax season’s in full swing. Did you know the IRS requires you to keep your tax documents and records for years – with different requirements for different documents? The IRS also recommends you keep all of your W-2 forms until you’re eligible for retirement! As you begin to prepare your taxes, online backup solutions from Carbonite offer a simple solution for protecting important tax documents and other valuable files.

Here are a few tips for protecting your tax documents:
  • Scan paper documents – Keeping scanned copies of financial documents and receipts for tax deductions will help protect your financial information from being damaged and lost or misplaced. Storing documents digitally also allows an added level of protection if you choose to encrypt your files.
  • Organize – Organizing digital or scanned financial records and receipts on your computer, for example in folders named by tax year, can help keep your files easy to find for years to come
  • Back them up the cloud – Backing up your financial documents and receipts online with Carbonite not only helps safeguard your important information from a computer crash, theft, or the unthinkable – a natural disaster – but your files will be also be accessible from nearly any internet connected device if you need to reference a document on the go.
More than half of Americans (51%) have experienced a computer crash where they lost all of their digital files, but 39% admit they have never backed up their computers, or haven’t done so in more than a year.  Once you install Carbonite, the automatic backup runs continually in the background, backing up new and changed files whenever your computer is connected to the internet – saving you from having to remember to back up and also saving you time.

If you want to start protecting your tax files this tax season, you can start a free trial of Carbonite Home or Carbonite Business today.