World Backup Day Tips from Carbonite - Test a Restore

by User Not Found | Mar 27, 2012

With the majority of Americans keeping digital-only versions of data, it’s alarming to learn that 46% of Americans would never see their files again if something happened to them. What would you do if you lost the only copy of your resume or your music collection was deleted?

The main reason our customers back up their computers is to ensure they can recover their valuable files if they are lost, deleted, or damaged. That’s why our next World Backup Day backup tip is to test out a restore before there’s an actual need to recover your files, so you know what to do.

World Backup Day Backup Tip #2: Test a Restore

Performing a test restore is a great way for you to ensure you will know how to restore your files from your Carbonite backup. As you can imagine, if you do need to retrieve a deleted file or have just experienced a crash, it can be a stressful moment. Follow these step-by-step instructions to see how simple it is to restore your files, as well as guarantee you’ve selected all desired locations for backup.

Steps to perform a test restore:

Now, if you ever need to perform a critical file restore, you’ll be ready! For help on how to perform a complete restore of all your files, read Restoring All of Your Files in our online support knowledge base. Not a Carbonite customer yet? Start a free trial today.