World Backup Day Tips from Carbonite - Include Files in Your Backup

by User Not Found | Mar 28, 2012

We all think "a computer crash will never happen to me" – until one day it does. In a recent survey, we learned that half of Americans have already experienced at least one computer crash in which they lost all of their digital data! So, there really is no time like the present to make sure you have all your important files protected in your backup.

World Backup Day Backup Tip #3: Include Files in Your Backup

When you first install Carbonite you are given two options for back up, with automatic or advanced/manual settings. The Automatic, or default, backup options are recommended and will be a fit for most users. (For a complete list of what is backed up by default with Carbonite, please read File Types Carbonite Backs Up in our online support knowledge base.)

However, if you have important files or folders that can be backed up by Carbonite but aren’t included in the automatic settings, you can add most of these files to your backup set with just a few clicks.

PC users can back up files excluded from the default backup setting in two ways: by backing up single files or choosing specific types of files (e.g., .avi, .jpg, .doc). Mac users can add any files which are excluded from the default backup by selecting them individually through the Carbonite Preferences pane.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add files, read Backing Up Files That Are Excluded by Default in our online support knowledge base.

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