Carbonite's New App Extends Backup Protection to Mobile Devices!

by User Not Found | Sep 20, 2012

As phones get smarter and screens get bigger, it’s hard to ignore the power of our mobiles. Our smartphones serve as communication hubs, virtual offices and cameras!

As online backup providers, we know how important it is to make sure the devices we use the most are protected – so we’ve been working hard to increase our mobile app’s capabilities. Our free mobile app has been a popular feature with many of our customers and now it’s available to ALL Android and iPhone users! Equipped with features to help mobile users manage and protect the data stored on their phones, our new free mobile app is a must download!

  • Backup - This feature lets users back up the full resolution photos and videos located on their iOS or Android device securely to the cloud. Carbonite Mobile also archives any photos and videos accidently deleted from the mobile device so the user can download them back to their phone through the app.
  • Device Protection - This feature — available exclusively for Android — allows users to protect their mobile device and personal data in the event of theft or being misplaced by locating, locking, ringing or "destroying" the device.
  • Access - This feature enables users to view the files backed up from each of the devices (mobile, PCs and Macs) that Carbonite protects. For example, a user could access videos on their iPhone from their iPad or Android tablet using the Access feature. Carbonite Home online backup customers can view and share their backed up computer files from their mobile device as previously, but now can access their mobile photo and video backup as well.

This initial offering is free for Android and iPhone users! If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, now’s the perfect time to check it out!