Ask a Carbonista: Where's the Backup Now Button?

by User Not Found | Oct 18, 2012

That's no problem at all, @tournevis!

With your Carbonite subscription comes peace of mind knowing that your Carbonite online backup is working in the background, continuously backing up all of your files. Users of both our home and small business products love the set-it and forget-it ease of automatic backup with Carbonite. But sometimes our users, like @tournevis, want to temporarily override their current settings or preferences.

As long as your device is connected, each file you have selected for backup is backed up daily. But you can also choose do this sooner than your next scheduled backup. To clear that 24 hour timer and rescan the drive, Windows users can elect to “Backup Now” with a few simple clicks! Here’s how:

While holding down the right shift key, click the Carbonite lock icon on your computer.

The following menu will appear.

Simply click the Backup Now! option and any files displaying an yellow dot will be backed up again.

Now your files are backed up at your convenience!