Five Tips for Small Businesses to Stay Ahead: #1

by User Not Found | Nov 12, 2012

As SVP of Cloud Backup at Carbonite, I spend a lot of time speaking to small businesses about the challenges they are facing. The one that I hear over and over again is that there’s just not enough time to get everything done. While I can help ensure small businesses are able to back up their data without having to take any time away from their work, nothing can add hours to the day (though I’m sure it’s being worked on in some lab right now!)

When you’re running your own business, it can seem like you don’t have time to catch your breath, much less take the time for professional development. But one of the responsibilities of leading a business is keeping up to date with the newest trends and developments in your industry. In honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week, I’ve compiled five tips that will help busy leaders stay connected to their industry. I’ll share one each day this week:

Tip #1: Check out a webinar

Webinars are a great way to learn about best practices, new solutions and trends without ever having to leave your desk. No matter your interest, there’s probably a webinar for you. Look for free live webinars that allow participants to ask the panelists questions after the information is presented. Carbonite has an ongoing educational webinar series that covers such topics as disaster preparedness, backing up in a HIPAA-compliant office and end-of-year planning.

These tips are just a few ways you can stay connected to other professionals in your field. If you’re interested in how technology can help your small business, start a free 30-day trial, visit, call the Carbonite business team at 1-855-CARB-BIZ or email for a no-cost consultation on backing up your business. Use code ENTWEEK to get two free bonus months when you purchase a subscription to Carbonite Business (Offer expire November 30, 2012).