Five Tips for Small Businesses to Stay Ahead: #5

by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 16, 2012

Carbonite SVP of Cloud Backup Pete Lamson is sharing his top five tips for busy professionals to stay connected with their industry in honor of Global Entrepreneurship Week. You can check out previous tips here:

Tip #1: Check out a webinar

Tip #2: Attend an industry event

Tip #3: Connect with your community

Tip #4: Step up your social networking

Tip #5: Scan industry news


Take a few minutes a day to browse industry news from your favorite media outlets. Some publications produce newsletters that can be emailed to you daily or weekly. You don’t have to read every word every day, but you may find that you enjoy having something to read that’s related to your profession when you find yourself waiting in line, on public transportation or early for a meeting. I subscribe to emails from a range of sources, such as SMBNation and SearchSMBStorage and follow blogs including New York Times’ You’re the Boss and SmallBizTrends.

These tips are just a few ways you can stay connected to other professionals in your field. If you’re interested in how technology can help your small business, start a free 30-day trial, visit, call the Carbonite business team at 1-855-CARB-BIZ (1-855-227-2249) or email for a no-cost consultation on backing up your business. Use code ENTWEEK to get two free bonus months when you purchase a subscription to Carbonite Business (Offer expires November 30, 2012).