Cleaning House

by Lynnette Nolan | Nov 19, 2012

Here at Carbonite we understand the value of simplicity. We certainly didn't become the better backup plan by making things complicated!

Since Carbonite is automatically backing up your devices, we thought our blog was a good place to offer some of our favorite tips to help simplify other facets of your life too. Because if you're anything like us, you've got a dozen tasks to complete sometime between now and when you toss the turkey into the oven.

Something top of mind for us this week is getting the house ready for guests. Sure our digital lives are organized, but to be honest, it seems like housekeeping is always a permanent item on our list – anytime of the year!

With Thanksgiving week here, we know some of you will be dedicating Wednesday to cleaning the house top-to-bottom, while some of you may be scrambling to get things together up until the moment your guests start pouring in like gravy. This Real Simple article has cleaning tips for every time constraint scenario – for every room in the house. We're definitely going to tackle our kitchens first and we love the idea of using an all-purpose cleaner to mop without the mess!