Stress-Free Shopping for the Toughest One on Your Gift List

by User Not Found | Dec 03, 2012

Does it seem like there's always someone on your gift list that gets tougher to buy for every year? You aren't alone! No matter how many gift guides we see – and some of them are pretty fantastic – the perfect gift always seems to elude us. Why can't everything be as easy as automatic backup?!

As the weeks until our gift exchanges dwindle down, it seems like each Monday is more manic than the last. So we figured it was time to trade the holiday shopping stress in for fun!

If you're like our social media specialist, Dad may the toughest nut to crack when it comes to finding a perfect present. Observer and Eccentric even says, "finding great gifts for guys is an art." Unfortunately, many of us here feel more like finger painters than impressionists this time of year. So we read a little further and found some great ideas we hope will inspire you to deliver a thrill to each of your gift recipients!

Our favorite suggestion to help with shopping is incredibly simple but so often overlooked: just ask!

Of course when you ask your recipient-to-be what's on their wish list the answer is invariably, "I don't know." Sometimes we just need a little help figuring out what direction to head in – and often times all we have to do is ask for a little help. Sending a text to your husband's best friend or an email to your father's golf buddy might provide the tidbit that points your shopping cart in the right direction! 

We hope these shopping tips help you as much as they're helping us this season!