Ask a Carbonista: How Do I Transfer a Subscription?

by Lynnette Nolan | Dec 06, 2012

The simple answer: Simply!

We know you have better things to do than stay chained to your screen dealing with a clunky install process, so we've made it easy to transfer your Carbonite subscription from your old device to your new one, as long as they are computers with the same platform.

Just log in to your Carbonite account on your new computer, and click Transfer Subscription.

Carbonite will instruct you how to complete the transfer and download Carbonite to your new computer. Once installed, you’ll have the option to restore all backed up files from your old computer to your new one with the Restore Manager.

You can also chose to select certain files and folders to restore, or you can start fresh without restoring any files from your old computer. But don’t forget – if you chose not to restore all the files that were backed up from your old computer, they will be deleted from Carbonite's servers after 30 days.

It only takes a few minutes to transfer your Carbonite subscription and make sure your data is protected when you decide to make a switch!