A Packing Plan Means Less Travel Trouble!

by User Not Found | Dec 17, 2012

We've all heard the saying “it’s the journey, not the destination.” But when it comes to holiday travel, we want that journey to be as easy as possible! We've got you covered with our Anytime Anywhere Access, so we figured we'd share some tips to help you prepare for other facets of your trip... like packing.

There are as many packing styles as there are holiday travelers. But, whether you wait until last minute to throw items in a duffle bag or you meticulously lay things out for weeks, we’re all familiar with that pang of fear that inevitably strikes once we've hit the road.

USA Today compiled 10 tips to help you avoid the wave of panic that washes over you as you wonder if that one item you can’t live without – even for a weekend – made it into your suitcase.

If you’re a jet-setter, make sure your essentials are stored in your carry-on where you can easily access them at any point in your trip. And you can fit more essentials in your carry-on by opting to travel with a tote bag instead of a purse or small laptop carrier. Know you’ll be stuffed into your grandparents’ closet-sized guest room upon arrival? Pack dual-purpose items that take up less space – in your suitcase and at your final destination.

When you’re armed with a packing plan, the journey is a little less daunting. And when you can enjoy being at the destination (with all your essential items), holiday travel can be fun again!