Ask a Carbonista: Can I Revert Back to Older Versions of My Files?

by User Not Found | Jan 10, 2013

We hate to think that Murphy’s Law extends to our digital life, but since we hear about (and prevent) data disasters on a daily basis, we know that things can go wrong. Even with tasks as simple as saving files.

Which is why versioning is a breath of fresh air for our Windows users who have ever regretted edits made (and saved) to their thesis during a delirious all-nighter, or who have ever experienced the rush of panic when a go-to file all of a sudden tells you it’s corrupted and inaccessible.

Accidents happen. And sometimes, even intentional changes are second-guessed. So Carbonite keeps your old file versions for up to three months, allowing you to view up to 12 versions of a file to restore.

So, if you've accidentally deleted a file within the last 30 days, or saved a change you didn't mean to make, you can check through the versions Carbonite has backed up and chose the one you’d like to restore. Keep in mind that, as long as you’re connected, Carbonite backs up edited files once per 24-hour period (unless you've changed your settings). So versions aren't created each time you hit save.

To access earlier versions of a file, open your Backup Drive – where files appear just as they would on your desktop – and select the file you’re looking for. Once you've clicked on your file, you can select the version you’d like to restore.

Make the best of your backup by knowing that you have options in case something goes wrong with one of your files.