Ask a Carbonista: What's Backed Up?

by User Not Found | Feb 14, 2013

Automatic backup isn't the only thing that makes Carbonite so simple and easy. It's important to us that our customers know exactly what files and folders are included in their backup, so we've made sure it’s as clear as possible!

If you're curious about the status of a single file or folder, you can determine at a glance which ones are backed up by looking for the green dot in the corner. Files that are pending backup display a yellow dot. If a file or folder is without a dot, it hasn't been selected for backup – but no worries, you can easily chose to add those files to your backup set.

In addition to looking for the dots on your computer, the Carbonite Backup Drive also allows you to view all the files and folders that are selected for backup.

Knowing what files and folders Carbonite is backing up – and it's as easy as identifying a green dot!