• Captain Carbonite Drops in from the Cloud and Hits the Streets!

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 28, 2013

    Last week, Captain Carbonite dropped in to surprise and remind us that he’s got our back(up)!

    Today, he’s back on the streets of Boston – in Harvard Square, Government Center and Copley Square  – sharing info about Carbonite and Backup Day, which is this Sunday!

    Wondering how one awesome backup superhero can be in three places at once?! It actually makes perfect sense: he’s an advocate for data protection and to be totally secure, data should be kept in more than one place. Even though you may be backing up to disks or external hard drives, a copy should always be stored in the cloud under Captain Carbonite’s watchful eye.

    We hope you join Captain Carbonite in his Backup Day celebrations! If you’re not in Boston, you can still participate in the festivities by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook. And if you spot the Captain out and about, we’d love to see your pics – don’t forget to use the hashtag #CaptCarbonite!

  • Celebrate with Cloud Backup and a Special Offer

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 28, 2013

    Backup Day is at the end of the week and the best way to celebrate is by – no surprise here – backing up!

    So we’ve got a great offer for you! Now through Backup Day, enter offer code BACKUPDAY13 when you start a Home or Business trial and we’ll add two bonus months to your subscription when you purchase!

    Know you want to celebrate, but still curious about what the cloud can do for you?

    Data is precious, but it’s also vulnerable. When you back your files up to the cloud (with a service like Carbonite), you can rest assured that you’re prepared – and your files are safe – no matter what!

    Data protection isn’t the only way the cloud can help. Small businesses can employ the cloud in a myriad of ways to increase productivity and, best of all, cut IT costs. Some popular cloud applications include: email, CRM, financial software and – of course – backup!

  • How Does Your SMB Backup?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 19, 2013

    Small businesses are always evolving and looking for tools and solutions to help them remain productive and efficient. Whether you’re running a global enterprise or a local firm, protecting your business critical data is vital to business success.

    While SMBs recognize the need to keep their data protected, they are often apprehensive about jumping into the cloud. Spiceworks found that when it comes to backup, SMBs feel like there are myriad obstacles to overcome; including limited budgets, backup know-how (or lack thereof!) and shifting landscapes.

    Those challenges seem daunting, but the cloud offers ease of use, reliability and affordability – key factors in the backup buying decision process – and empowers SMBs to backup with confidence knowing that they aren’t busting the budget or straining their already extended resources.

    spiceworks_backup report

    How is your SMB dealing with data security? Is the cloud a part of your protection plan?

  • Backup by the Numbers

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 15, 2013

    Today is Pi Day, so we figured we’d crunch some numbers to celebrate. Of course what we’re really celebrating is Backup Day! Our favorite holiday is at the end of the month, but we’ve been reveling ever since March began.

    We keep a ton of important data on our computers! From resumes to contacts, photos to music – our real life work and entertainment is stored digitally.


    But, while 82% of Americans say they only keep digital files, 39% of them haven’t backed up in over a year! And 51% of people know the pain of a data disaster.

    51 percent

    What would happen if your computer crashed right before the big interview?

    Would your Backup Day party invitations still make it out on time if you had to manually track down all of your contacts’ addresses?

    You don't have to be a statistician to calcualte that backup is a safe bet!

  • Celebrate the Best Holiday in March with the Better Backup Plan

    by Lynnette Nolan | Mar 07, 2013

    Sure St. Patrick's Day and the first day of spring occur in March, but we all know those holidays take a back seat to the greatest day of the calendar year – Backup Day! So while a pot of gold may be at the end of the rainbow, don't forget that data security can be found in the cloud.

    To help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, we've got some tips to help you ensure your most important files are protected!

    • Protect your data with more than just a disk drive: Computers don’t always have the luck of the Irish – and sometimes a big of bad luck can mean photos that are gone forever. Having digital copies of your pictures is important – but make sure to keep a copy in the cloud.
    • Check your backup: Backing up with Carbonite is virtually effortless – you simply set it and forget it! But it never hurts to double check that your backup contains all the files you want to protect. With Carbonite, checking a file’s status is as easy as looking for the green dot.
    • Test a restore: You've got your backup plan, you know what files are protected and you’re ready for anything! But what if the unthinkable happens and you find yourself in the midst of a crash, theft or natural disaster. Test a file restore before the data is actually gone, and before you need to put your backup plan into action.

    Data protection takes diligence, not luck. But when you're armed with the better backup plan and some helpful tips, you're prepared!

  • Dive into Backup!

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 21, 2013

    Sync & Swim isn't just the name of our awesome sweepstakes – it's also a promotion we're offering to show you a little love this February!

    If you're already backing up all your irreplaceable family photos or your business' critical data with Carbonite, you know how valuable automatic cloud backup is. But if your files aren't safe in the cloud yet, now's the time to start protecting them because we're giving you 2 free months with any new Home or Business subscription!

    When you're ready to start backing up your digital life, simply enter offer code SYNCSWIM when you start a trial, and the bonus months will be added to your subscription when you purchase. Act fast, because like the Sync & Swim sweepstakes, this promo ends next week, on February 28th!

  • Currents Keeps You Working Even When You Are Out of Office

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 15, 2013
    If you find yourself home sick this winter, it's easy to stay connected to the office – and your important files. Even if you've left your computer on your desk the night before, you still have access to 30 days of your most recent files with Currents. So now you can keep things moving at work while you recover at home. 

    When you download the Currents app on all the devices you work on, you can automatically access your most important files no matter where you are, or what gadget you have with you. Plus, if you're already under the weather, you can eliminate the headache of trying to keep track of multiple emails back and forth to yourself and your team as you work on documents that require attention from each of you. With Currents, you can edit, comment and share with your collaborators within the app. And if you or one of your coworkers makes a bad, cough-syrup induced edit, you're covered because Currents keeps all your versions and allows you to easily revert back.

    Here are a few ways Currents can help you tackle work while you battle that bug that keeps making its way around your office:
    • If your account manager is out for a day, but her laptop isn't with her, no worries! You can share files with her via the Currents interface on PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms.
    • You don’t even have to know if your coworker is a Currents user – simply enter her email address, specify her access control level and send the brief you need her to approve.
    • If she is not already a Currents user, she can still view the file you've sent. She'll also receive an email to sign up with Currents for free. Once she's a user too, she'll gain access to the editing and collaboration features.
    If you are working on something with multiple stakeholders, you can share a file with all of them. Plus, sharing a file automatically moves it to the top of everyone's file list – and the top of their mind!

    When you're under deadline, Currents makes working from wherever you are easier. Even if you're under the weather.
  • Ask a Carbonista: What's Backed Up?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 14, 2013

    Automatic backup isn't the only thing that makes Carbonite so simple and easy. It's important to us that our customers know exactly what files and folders are included in their backup, so we've made sure it’s as clear as possible!

    If you're curious about the status of a single file or folder, you can determine at a glance which ones are backed up by looking for the green dot in the corner. Files that are pending backup display a yellow dot. If a file or folder is without a dot, it hasn't been selected for backup – but no worries, you can easily chose to add those files to your backup set.

    In addition to looking for the dots on your computer, the Carbonite Backup Drive also allows you to view all the files and folders that are selected for backup.

    Knowing what files and folders Carbonite is backing up – and it's as easy as identifying a green dot!


  • Last Minute Planning for Valentine's Day

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 11, 2013
    The blizzard of 2013 may have come and gone, but the Northeast is still covered in snow! Whether you’re still shoveling out or just watching storm coverage from 1,000 miles away, Valentine's Day may be the last thing on your mind. So we've got you covered with some great last minute suggestions!

    If you plan on dining out but haven’t made a reservation yet, there’s still time. Instead of making frantic last minute calls, check out OpenTable and search local eateries with seats available at your preferred time.

    Once you have your table, surprise your significant other with a thoughtful gift over dinner. The pros at Appo can organize pictures capturing all your special moments as a couple. Been together for what feels like a million years? No worries, FotoBridge can scan and digitize any pictures you've been storing in boxes in your basement.

    Perhaps the best tip of all is to plan a tropical vacation for you and your special someone– lucky for you, our Sync & Swim Sweepstakes is accepting entries through the end of February!
  • Ask a Carbonista: Can I Access My Backup When I'm Away from My Computer?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Feb 01, 2013

    You know that when it comes to backing up, we're all about simplicity and peace of mind. But were you aware that your Carbonite subscription goes beyond just protecting the files on your computer?

    If you've ever forgotten to email your notes to the team before heading off to vacation or forgot to print off an assignment before you left the dorm, you know that peace of mind means more than just having safe files – it means knowing you can access your documents no matter where you are.

    We often hear form our customers about how much they love Anytime Anywhere Access, which allows them to remotely access and restore files in their backup.

    With the Anytime Anywhere Access feature, you can browse, view and share files from any computer by logging into the Carbonite website with your account credentials. Smartphone and tablet users can do the same, simply by downloading the Carbonite Mobile app!

    In addition to viewing or sharing files, Anytime Anywhere Access also allows you to restore a backed up file or folder. (Users looking to do a complete restore can also easily use Restore Manager in the Carbonite software installed on their computer of course). And, remember restoring a file doesn’t remove it from your backup.

  • The Currents Forum: New Model, Same Great Support

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 30, 2013

    We hope you're loving the convenience of Currents – having all your important files at your fingertips, no matter which device you're on, is a great way to stay organized (especially since you don't have to remember where you put anything!).

    With the introduction of a new application, we've also launched a new way for you to get your questions about Currents answered.

    The Currents Forum is an online community of fellow Currents users and Carbonite techs, where you can browse FAQs and knowledge base articles. Questions not yet answered in an article will be answered by our moderators and other Currents users.

    You can get to the Currents Forum from the Support link on the bottom of the labs.carbonite.com page, or through the Help link in the Currents app for both PC and Mac. Currents users can also access the support tool at currents.zendesk.com.

  • Special Offer from Carbonite: Make Those Resolutions Stick this Month

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 29, 2013
    As January wears on, we know that many good intentions for New Year’s Resolutions may be starting to wear thin. If you’re anything like us, sometimes you need a little incentive to keep on track. So if getting your digital life organized is part of your 2013 plan, we can help! 

    Now through the end of January, if you purchase a new Carbonite subscription, we’ll add two free months to your account! But act fast, this offer expires in two days. Here’s how you can get started:

    • New to Carbonite? You can get started today and we’ll take the worrying about how to make sure your critical business files or irreplaceable photo memories are backed up and secure off your mind! To take advantage of this special offer, simply choose the best plan for your needs – Carbonite Home or Carbonite Business and then enter code Jan2013 at time of purchase. 
    • Already in a Carbonite trial? Use offer code Jan31 at the time of purchase.
    Cheers to Backing Up!

  • Making Carbonite Currents: Behind the Scenes with Product Manager, Chris

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 23, 2013

    After working on the Currents project for months, my team and I are excited to finally launch the public beta! In yesterday’s post, Swami explained how Currents can change the way we work. Today, I wanted to give you a little flavor for how the project started and how the team operates:

    Last year, we found ourselves asking these questions:

    • How do we adapt the Carbonite experience to a world where people now commonly work on multiple devices?
    • How are people moving their files between devices today? Do existing products meet their needs?
    • Beyond simply having access to their work, what else do people want to do with their files?

    The original team consisted of just two developers. They quickly built a prototype that allowed us to test and validate the concept that would eventually become known as Currents - a single, unified view of your recent work across all of your devices. The Currents team continued to iterate on the product, releasing an update every two weeks that was tested and evaluated by a small group of outside users. Over time, we narrowed in on the scope of what we felt would be a compelling product that allowed users to seamlessly work across devices as well as share and collaborate with others.

    The team, which now consists of developers, user researchers, visual designers, marketing folks and product managers all sit and work together in an open area designed to encourage collaboration and product development. Our walls are covered with user feedback scrawled on sticky notes so that it is clear to everyone what we are hearing, how people are using the product, and where we need to focus. The Currents beta that launched this week is the culmination of months of user research, testing and development and the team is very excited to get it into the hands of a wide audience.

    We encourage you to go try out Currents (download it here) and let us know what you think by sending a note to ccfeedback@carbonite.com. There's a good chance your feedback will end up on a sticky note on our wall and influence the future of a rapidly evolving product.

  • Introducing Currents Beta! A Post by our EVP of New Ventures

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 22, 2013

    Backing up your computer used to be cumbersome and expensive. Several years ago, when Carbonite was just getting started, we bet that if we made cloud backup simple and affordable, everyone would use it. When we placed that bet seven years ago, all five of us fit in CEO Dave Friend’s home office. And it really paid off: to date we've backed up over 200 billion files, take in about 300 million per day and we've restored over 7 billion files that would have otherwise been lost forever to very happy customers.

    The technology world has changed a lot since we started the company. Today, people are creating and consuming more data than ever and doing so across multiple devices and cloud services. We have the freedom to connect, share and collaborate in ways that were hard to imagine just a few years ago.

    But, with all this freedom comes complexity and confusion. For example, my files are scattered all over the place (two computers, an iPhone, iPad and Google Drive). I have links in emails to files people have shared with me. I want access to the stuff I’m working on no matter where I am or which device I’m using. Lots of people find themselves in the same situation. Some email stuff to themselves. Others (including me) put stuff in a synced folder (but you have to remember to do that!). And so a lot of time and energy that could be spent on getting work done instead goes into dealing with digital clutter.

    My New Ventures team at Carbonite is working to bring order and simplicity to this confusion – just like we did with backup seven years ago. Today I’m excited to announce the launch of Currents (beta). Currents is a free set of apps (for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac) that keep the files you’re currently working on at your fingertips. Currents is our first step in that direction. You can read more to learn how Currents works or you can check it out at Carbonite Labs.

    Currents is a list of files that you've created, opened or saved on any of your devices within the last 30 days. The list appears with one click, and the files on the list are kept synced across all your devices. Just work the way you usually work, and Currents will keep track of everything! For example, you can create a PowerPoint presentation at the office, save it and go home, and you'll find it waiting on the Currents list on your home computer (and on your phone or tablet on the way home!).

    Currents also makes it really easy to share and collaborate on your files with others. You can control who may view, or edit on any given file with just a couple of clicks. If you share a file and then make changes, the people you share it with will automatically get the newest version. You and your collaborators can exchange comments on files right within the app. And if someone makes a mistake, or you accidentally delete something, no problem because Currents keeps previous versions.

    I hope you'll download the free Currents beta on all of the devices you work on and let us know what you think!

    - Swami Kumaresan

  • Putting the Cloud to Work for Your SMB

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 21, 2013

    The cloud is a valuable asset for small businesses with vast responsibilities, but minimal resources. With cloud solutions, SMBs can solve IT dilemmas that they might otherwise need to outsource, often at a high cost. This Wall Street Journal article highlights companies that have turned to the cloud and reduced their third-party IT costs by thousands of dollars!

    Cloud applications are becoming commonplace solutions for businesses, and when SMBs put the cloud to work, they can increase productivity and cut IT-related costs. Some of the more popular ways small businesses are using the cloud today include:

    • Email, like Gmail or Office 365
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM), like Salesforce
    • Financial software, likeQuickBooks Online
    • And of course, backup – like Carbonite!

    How does your small business put the cloud to use? At Carbonite, our business is the cloud. If you’re interested in the better backup plan for yours, give us a call. You can even try us free for 30-days , with no risk or commitment.


  • Ask a Carbonista: How Do I Upgrade My Subscription?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 17, 2013

    No matter what plan you’re on, the best experience comes when you’re running on the most up-to-date version of Carbonite.

    As a Windows user, you can view your current version – and upgrade to the latest version if it’s not already running – through the Carbonite InfoCenter. We like things simple and automatic, so once you’re in the InfoCenter, Carbonite automatically checks to see if an update is available for your computer. If there’s a new version, you’ll receive a pop-up letting you know.

    In addition to Carbonite's automatic check, you can also look for yourself at any time by clicking check for updates in the InfoCenter.

    If you’re running a version prior to 5.0, or if you’re running Carbonite on a Mac, you can upgrade to the latest version by logging into your account and reinstalling the software.

    When you've got the latest version of the better backup plan, you’re making the best of your backup!

  • Ask a Carbonista: Can I Revert Back to Older Versions of My Files?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 10, 2013

    We hate to think that Murphy’s Law extends to our digital life, but since we hear about (and prevent) data disasters on a daily basis, we know that things can go wrong. Even with tasks as simple as saving files.

    Which is why versioning is a breath of fresh air for our Windows users who have ever regretted edits made (and saved) to their thesis during a delirious all-nighter, or who have ever experienced the rush of panic when a go-to file all of a sudden tells you it’s corrupted and inaccessible.

    Accidents happen. And sometimes, even intentional changes are second-guessed. So Carbonite keeps your old file versions for up to three months, allowing you to view up to 12 versions of a file to restore.

    So, if you've accidentally deleted a file within the last 30 days, or saved a change you didn't mean to make, you can check through the versions Carbonite has backed up and chose the one you’d like to restore. Keep in mind that, as long as you’re connected, Carbonite backs up edited files once per 24-hour period (unless you've changed your settings). So versions aren't created each time you hit save.

    To access earlier versions of a file, open your Backup Drive – where files appear just as they would on your desktop – and select the file you’re looking for. Once you've clicked on your file, you can select the version you’d like to restore.

    Make the best of your backup by knowing that you have options in case something goes wrong with one of your files.

  • Make 2013 the Year You Keep Those Resolutions

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 07, 2013

    It's the first Monday of the New Year, and now that the champagne has worn off, the confetti has been cleaned up and reality has settled back in, our resolutions seem a little more daunting than they did on December 31st. So we wanted to share some tips to help you regroup after the hectic holiday season!

    If spending more time with your loved ones topped your resolution list this year, Slate suggests recording the memories you make. (Plus, with Carbonite Mobile, you can back up the pictures and videos stored on your smartphone – which you can then access from any tablet or computer!)

    Or, for those of you who've resolved to take more time to yourselves (here's looking at you, small business owners), escape the daily grind for a bit while still feeling productive by ping into one of the business books on Inc.'s Top 5 of 2012 list.

    Whatever your 2013 resolutions may be, you're more likely to keep it if you've made it public. So enlist a friend, tell them your plan and make this Monday no-so-manic by embracing the opportunity to make some positive changes.

  • Ask a Carbonista: Does Carbonite Protect My Android Device Too?

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 03, 2013

    We’re back from the holidays with a fun new tip for you! From articles to customer reviews, we've seen so much positive feedback about our mobile app and we want to make sure all our blog readers know how cool and handy this free app is!

    If you’re an Android user who isn't already backing up with Carbonite Mobile, wait no longer! Our mobile team is always working on new features to make sure our users get the best experience. So in addition to backing up full resolution photos and videos, sounding a ringer, locking a lost device and even destroying your personal data and resetting the phone to factory defaults, we've added a new way to protect your smartphone!

    No matter what happens to your device, your phone’s photos and videos are safe in the cloud when they’re backed up with Carbonite Mobile. But we know that there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find a lost cell phone! So we've launched Capture, a new tool within the app to help you keep tabs on the whereabouts of your phone! Now, Android users can remotely activate their smartphone’s camera to take photos of a lost phone’s location – or a stolen phone’s thief!

    Our Android app was designed to make your life easier by keeping your data and devices safe!

  • Accountants: Resolve to Create a Better Backup Plan in 2013

    by Lynnette Nolan | Jan 02, 2013
    As a small business owner, your New Year's resolutions might include optimizing your business or running a more efficient practice. But what about creating a preparedness plan to safeguard your business critical data – including clients' financial, taxes and contact information – should the unthinkable occur?

    Register for free today and join Carbonite's Pete Lamson, on January 15, 2013 at 12:00 pm EST for a webinar covering:
    • Why protecting your data matters to your business
    • What your business continuity and disaster plan should include
    • Ideas on how to create a plan to help ensure your business can continue operating should a disaster – natural, technical or otherwise – strike
    In addition to learning everything you need to know to get your own DIY data backup plan up and running, we'll also be providing a special offer to the accountants who join our webinar!

    We all head into a new year with the best intentions. Clients place their trust in you to ensure their fiscal health. Place your trust in Carbonite to ensure your business' success by protecting your clients' records.

    Cheers to a happy, healthy and successful 2013 for you and your business!