• Going for Gold: The ChannelPro-SMB 2014 Readers' Choice Awards

    by Megan Wittenberger | Jul 21, 2014
    Every year, our friends at ChannelPro-SMB field an awards program in which their community of channel partners chooses their favorite SMB- and partner-friendly products, technologies, services, programs, and professional organizations in the channel today.

    We are THRILLED to announce that Carbonite has been named the Gold winner in two award categories:
    • Best Cloud Backup and Data Recovery Vendor
    • Best Backup and Disaster Recovery Vendor

    Channel Pro Gold Award

    Readers of ChannelPro-SMB were invited to participate in the channel’s only SMB-focused Readers’ Choice Awards by casting their votes via the publication’s website. For each category, readers were asked to select the option that best satisfies the unique business requirements, work styles, and budgets of their small and midsize business clients, as well as those that best serve their own partner organizations. 

    We want to thank all of the partners who voted for us. We're so glad that you have continued to grow along with us, and we hope you enjoy our new
    partner program!

  • Introducing the new Carbonite Partner Program!

    by Megan Wittenberger | Jul 13, 2014
    ​The Carbonite team is headed down to DC this week to unveil our new partner program to the attendees at the 2014 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference! The new partner program is the culmination of more than six months of planning and working with our longtime AND potential partners to create a program that provides channel partners with the resources and opportunities they need to serve their small business clients and grow their businesses.

    Here's a quick look into some of the new features:
    • Sales and technical training: All partners are given access to online training for sales and technical staff.
    • Market development funds (MDF) and co-marketing opportunities: Initiative based MDF is allocated to Platinum and Gold partners, and co-brandable sales assets and marketing templates are available for all tiers.
    • Deal registration: Carbonite Partners can receive an additional discount by registering an opportunity.
    • Marketing syndication via SharedVue: Carbonite provides marketing content that can be syndicated on partners’ websites.
    • Dedicated sales manager: Every Carbonite partner − regardless of tier − has a dedicated sales manager, ensuring partners always have someone who is familiar with their business.
    • Tier 2 technical support: Carbonite partners are immediately escalated to Tier 2 support, ensuring they can help their clients recover from any issue quickly and painlessly.
    We're so excited to get this program off the ground, and look forward to continuing to work with our existing partners and beginning to work with new ones!

    If you have any questions, contact the Carbonite Channel Team here: http://www.carbonite.com/partners/ask-a-question.

    Carbonite Partner Program logo

  • Announcing Release 4.11 of Carbonite Server Backup

    by Megan Wittenberger | Jul 11, 2014

    In case you missed it, Release 4.11 of Carbonite Server Backup is now available for download. This release delivers several improvements to the backup experience for the small business community that we serve.

    On downloading and installing the release, some of the improvements you may notice include:

    • A configuration and management interface that’s even cleaner and more intuitive than before;
    • The ability for you to do more – even during initial installation – with fewer clicks; and,
    • A newly-intelligent listing of applications installed on your server designed to help you select the right backup types for your business.

    We’ve added other capabilities as well. The ability to migrate local backup data from one disk location to another using our interface, for instance. And if you use Read-Only Domain Controllers to manage your IT securely across branch office locations, we’re happy to let you know you can now use Carbonite Server to back these up the way you do other company data.

    Early feedback on the new release has been downright positive; thanks for all your kudos. Nothing makes us happier than the prospect of helping you run your business more effectively, leanly, and continuously, by protecting your vital business data for you.

    We designed Server Backup from the outset to give you, our small business customers, a way to protect your mission-critical data in a simple, reliable and affordable manner. Server Backup supports long-term retention needs for compliance, regulatory and legal requirements. You can use Server Backup with local disks, NAS file shares and SAN volumes, either as sources or targets. Server Backup supports HIPAA compliance, so you know it’s highly secured, using SSL encryption when transmitting data to the cloud and 128-bit encryption when storing backed up data.

    We continue to measure our success in terms of ease of use, operational efficiency, and your peace of mind.

    As small business innovators, you’ve made crystal-clear to us that there’s no substitute for rock-solid security and privacy, for truly flexible deployment, or for the ability to customize our products and services so that they back up your data, keep your applications online, and keep your business running continuously.

    We could go on, but frankly we’re way more interested in hearing from you. So please
    log in to your Carbonite account, choose “Download” under the Carbonite for Servers header at the top of the page to get the latest software release, and enjoy the experience!

  • Carbonite Appliance: “Houston, We Have Liftoff"

    by Megan Wittenberger | Jun 18, 2014

    We’re excited about our Carbonite Appliance HT10 launch. Borderline ecstatic.

    The launch marks the debut of Carbonite’s first disaster recovery system, an all-in-one solution that includes both hardware and software.

    Carbonite Appliance HT10

    Thanks go to our growing community of small business customers, for generously sharing your time and ideas with us over the years. Your insights and recommendations have been vital inputs into our new design, which we believe sets new standards for ease of use, affordability, security, and recovery speed.

    Thanks, too, to the qualified channel partners who’ll be teaming with us as trusted advisers to our small business customers. The value you provide – understanding your customers’ core businesses, helping them navigate all the complexities of IT, setting up the appliances at their sites, and helping to monitor and manage their data both on premises and in the cloud – is vital for keeping automated backup simple, and making sure that the entire ownership experience a positive one.

    Our new channel engagement model will bring us closer Carbonite’s ideals: operational simplicity, high data security, and unparalleled value.

    The Appliance HT10 is ideal for startups and other businesses whose IT needs are growing in sophistication, but who nonetheless have a strategic need to keep IT costs under control. It’s ideal for Microsoft® Windows Server environments. It enables bare metal backup and recovery, to facilitate restoration of OSes, applications and files to new or existing hardware.

    So yes, we’re completely psyched. Thanks and welcome to this next phase of our journey.

    Whether you’re a channel partner who specializes in small-business IT solutions, or a small business facing new data management challenges, please talk to us. Or help yourself to info on the new Carbonite Appliance HT10 here.

  • Get to Know Kari Oldach, One of CRN’s 2014 Women of the Channel

    by Megan Wittenberger | Jun 12, 2014

    Kari Oldach joined Carbonite earlier this from Dell, where she spent 10 years focusing on field marketing, M&A integration and channel partner programs/certification. If you’ve noticed all of the recent changes in our channel program, she’s one of the big reasons why!

    Kari Oldach

    The folks at
    CRN have also taken notice at the work she’s been doing here, and have named Kari to the CRN 2014 Women of the Channel list! As part of the nomination process, Kari provided a little insight into her experience. Check it out:

    What advice would you give to young women aspiring to succeed in the workplace?
    Make your presence known by taking a seat at the table.
    You were hired for a reason.  You were invited to the meeting for a reason.  Speak up when you have something to share and listen when you have something to learn, but make sure you engage.  We all bring different attributes to an organization and we all have different ways we view things.  Sharing what you think not only demonstrates engagement, it shows you are part of the team.

    What was your first job?
    My first “real” job was at Arnold Communications. I was only with them for one year, but during that short tenure I learned so many invaluable lessons on what to expect in the real world.  A few of them: think long and hard before taking a job that has a 1+ hour commute.  Yes, you do need to start at the bottom and work your way up.  Invest in a black dress, nice pair of slacks and jacket. No one will give you something for nothing except maybe your mom.  Long hours and hard work really do pay off J

    What is your favorite charity and why is it meaningful to you?
    My local human society.  One of my favorite activities is to volunteer a couple hours a week walking dogs, cleaning kennels & washing laundry.  They are a pillar within the local community (established in 1900) facilitating programs about adoption services, medical care, education, and prevention of cruelty. They also are one of the few shelters in the area to receive transports from overpopulated shelters in the south.  They house over 2300 animals per year, and the cost to run the shelter is approx. $3,000 a day!!  Without volunteers and donations they would not survive.   

    Female role model:
    Oprah Winfrey.  Enough said.

    Please join us in congratulating Kari!

  • ASCII Columbus: Coming Home with Hardware!

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 30, 2014

    ASCII is an organization that serves independent MSPs, VARs and other solution providers. ASCII offers a number of programs to educate its members, provide networking opportunities and support members as they grow their businesses.

    One of the great things about ASCII is the number of local events they provide for members – there are eight events throughout the US in 2014! We attend many of these events so we can have face time with our partners, train new partners on our solutions and just enjoy the programming that ASCII provides. Most recently, our team headed to Columbus to attend an
    ASCII IT SMB Success Summit.

    At every ASCII, attendees vote on their favorite vendor solutions, and the results are unveiled at an award ceremony on the last night. We are so proud and excited to announce that the ASCII Columbus attendees voted us BEST CLOUD SOLUTION!

    ASCII Columbus Best Cloud Solution Award

    It’s been a big year for us – we launched the
    Carbonite Server line of backup solutions, we made a shift to focus on the channel first, and we are gearing up for the launch of our first channel-only product – the Carbonite Appliance, a local/cloud hybrid backup appliance. We want to thank the ASCII community for their vote of confidence – and we’re excited for you to see all that we have in store for the rest of 2014.

  • External auditor finds Carbonite is meeting HIPAA requirements

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 29, 2014

     Back in September 2013, we announced that we had started signing Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with our customers in the healthcare industry that need to back up protected health information (PHI). In order to start signing BAAs, we went through a months-long process of assessing and documenting the physical, administrative and technical safeguards required by HIPAA to make sure we were in compliance with the law.

    And while some companies might give themselves a pat on the back and get back to business after completing their own checklist, we decided to take it one step further and bring in an external auditor to ensure we are meeting all requirements.

    We’re proud to announce that after a rigorous six-month assessment,
    360 Advanced, P.A. confirmed that we are meeting the requirements of a Business Associate under HIPAA!

    Carbonite HIPAA seal of approval

    So what does this mean for our customers?

    1. Get a signed BAA: If your business is backing up PHI, contact our Business Team to get a signed BAA today! You can contact them at 855-227-2249 or by emailing BusinessTeam@carbonite.com.
    2. Your servers and endpoints are covered: Both our Pro and Server plans comply with federal HIPAA regulations. So go ahead, make sure your patient records, email and schedules are backed up!
    3. You can rest easy knowing we have the proper security and privacy safeguards in place: If you would like more information on how we ensure the privacy and integrity of PHI, check out our HIPAA white paper.
  • Why Your Educational Institution Needs Backup

    by Ty Scheiner | May 20, 2014


    Are you an educational professional who uses technology as a way to teach and develop your students? We recently attended and spoke at Teaching and Learning’s Tech Forum in Boston where we interacted with many professionals within the education industry who use technology on a daily basis. We had a wonderful time meeting current customers and learning from the many knowledgeable speakers at the event.

    Carbonite at Tech Forum Event 

    We were excited to have our very own Caitlin Beckman, Regional Sales Manager, on hand to present and educate the ‘educators’ on how Carbonite can benefit professionals in the K-12 industry. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend the presentation here are the three takeaways:

    Automatic: Carbonite is continuously and automatically backing up your data while you are connected to the Internet.

    Affordable: With nine plans to choose from and the ability to add storage packs, there’s a plan for every institution. We also offer discounted pricing for K-12 institutions. Click to learn more about our pricing plans. 

    Secure: Our Pro and Server plans are FERPA compliant, ensuring that your student’s education records are safe and secure. 

    If you are a professor or faculty member and are looking for a better way to back up your data, download our 30-day free trial today and let us focus on your files, while you focus on your students!


  • Protecting Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with Carbonite Server Backup

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 19, 2014

    We are excited to announce that Carbonite Server Backup started supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2014 on the day it was made generally available by Microsoft! With this release, Carbonite provides small businesses a simple, reliable and affordable way to protect their Microsoft SQL Server 2014 databases, along with many other applications and data types.

    Carbonite Server Backup recognizes when a SQL Server 2014 database makes use of the new memory-optimized tables and incorporates that into the backup process, so backup administrators do not have to make any changes to their backup jobs. With this solution, users can also flexibly recover their databases on a different SQL Server or with a different name. Additionally, the log backup feature supported by Carbonite Server Backup makes frequent backups practical, improving the Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

     Back up SQL14 with Carbonite

    Figure 1: Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 backup set with Carbonite Server Backup

    Carbonite understands that small businesses are dependent on their critical data, and they have distinct needs when it comes to backup and data protection. That is why we have continued to develop and evolve our Server Backup product with small business needs in mind. The solution supports a broad set of data types, all from one user interface. Its hybrid approach enables backing up to local storage AND to the secure cloud. This allows businesses to quickly recover data from local copies in the event of data loss, while providing additional protection from the cloud if the local infrastructure is compromised or becomes unavailable.

    Carbonite also comes packed with features that help businesses customize how they back up and recover. These features include: support for full, incremental and differential backups, customizable backup and retention schedules, advanced data compression and bandwidth management capabilities, and exceptional security with private key (PK) encryption for stored backups and Secured Socket Layer (SSL) for data in transit. Lastly, unlike many competing products, Carbonite Server Backup is a subscription-only offering, requiring no upfront licensing fees or infrastructure build-out. With Carbonite Server Backup customers pay one flat annual fee to protect an unlimited number of servers in their environment. All the updates and upgrades are included at no additional cost as well. Now with the support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Carbonite Server Backup users can:

    • Backup SQL Server 2014 databases, along with many other applications
    • Manage flexible local and cloud backup and retention schedules
    • Optimize bandwidth utilization and lower storage consumption
    • Enhance security with 256 bit private key encryption and SSL
    • Perform granular database recoveries with local or cloud backups
    • Lower the total cost of data protection while enhancing data availability

    Carbonite Server Backup also supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2010, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, MySQL Server 5.x, Oracle Server 11i, & 11g, Hyper-V: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows NTFS and ReFS file systems.

    With support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014, businesses can leverage Carbonite Server Backup to protect their SQL Server 2014 data in a simple, reliable and affordable manner. Visit Carbonite.com/server for more information, and stay tuned for more blog posts about upcoming updates.

  • Data Recovery Starts in the Cloud

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 16, 2014

    Most businesses today have some form of a backup plan for their data, but where the data gets backed up varies greatly. Many small businesses (SMBs) learn the hard way that backing up both onsite and to the cloud, through a hybrid cloud backup solution, is the best way to protect data in case of a disaster.

    Recover data from the cloud

    A hybrid cloud backup solution employs local backup for speed and cloud backup to protect data against physical disaster. The onsite backup allows the business to rapidly recover data in the event of a hard drive crash or broken server (we’re talking minutes versus days!), and the cloud backup provides the ultimate protection if something happens to the business location that impacts the original data and the local copy. By offering both approaches, hybrid cloud backup can cover all eventualities and ensure the most effective solution for business continuity.

    Businesses have been backing up locally for a long time – using technology like tape backup and onsite servers – but the cloud is gaining traction.

    Recently, Carbonite surveyed 500 IT professionals from businesses with fewer than 100 employees about data loss and backup systems. When asked “Which of the following places, if any, does your company back up data electronically?” a majority of those surveyed (56 percent) indicated that they have embraced the cloud as a destination of choice for off-site data backup (respondents were allowed to name more than one destination for backup on this question). While this still lags behind the numbers who back up to an external device, such as an external hard drive, NAS device or server (70 percent), cloud use was more popular than off-site servers (37 percent) and flash drives (30 percent). However, 30 percent of those surveyed said their organizations continue to back up data on employee computers or some other means, and a few (1 percent) do not back up electronically.

    Not surprisingly, the survey showed that those who do back up electronically are protecting more of their business data. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) said they back up anywhere from 75 to 100 percent of their documents and files and another 22 percent back up anywhere from half to three-quarters. Only 15 percent of those who use an electronic backup method said they back up less than half of their documents and files.

    The time to find out if your business is adequately prepared to withstand data loss – whether it’s due to a crashed hard drive or a tornado – is before the disaster happens. SMBs should cover all eventualities. They should make sure their data is automatically backed up locally (for “glitches” and the ever-so-common human error) and to the cloud (for rare but devastating natural disasters), which eliminates the risk of profit-loss, loss of customers and other negative business effects of data loss. By offering both solutions, hybrid cloud backup can cover all types of losses and ensure the most effective solution for business continuity.

  • Data Backup is the New Insurance Policy

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 16, 2014

    According to Forbes, insurance agencies and brokerages are among the most profitable small businesses in the U.S. How profitable would these small insurance agencies be, though, if they permanently lost all their client data?

    Recently a Carbonite customer in the insurance business told us her fears about data backup.

    “It just felt like there was always risk, I'd go to reformat someone's machine, and I braced myself for them to tell me they hadn't backed up their stuff in a while,” recalls Sandy Black of Lesron Insurance.

    At the time, Sandy’s agency used tape for its backup solution. It was cumbersome and didn’t save data in a format that could be recovered easily. When backups started taking longer than usual, Black really began to worry. If data got corrupted, the office would have to find paper-based documents and re-scan them into electronic format…that is if they still had the files in their mostly paperless office. 

    Back up all devices

    Sandy turned to Carbonite’s automatic online data backup solution as her insurance agency’s “insurance policy.”

    Whether it’s an insurance agency or a retail business, a business’ most important asset is its data. Without it, businesses can't keep track of inventory, invoice customers, run payroll or ensure that their goals are being met. Considering the importance of data, backing it up to an off-site location must be a priority.

    However, a recent Carbonite survey revealed that many businesses fail to do back up their data on a consistent, daily basis.

    When 500 IT professionals from SMBs were asked, “When was the last time you backed up all of the documents and files for your business to a separate location?” only about one-third (32 percent) said they backed up that day. Nearly half (46 percent) said they backed up all their documents and files within the past week, and 15 percent said they performed a backup within the past month. One percent said they hadn’t backed up to another location in over three years.

    Although the respondents admitted they don’t back up files as often as they could, they do believe their colleagues understand the importance of backing up. When asked, “How much or how little do you trust employees at your company to regularly back up their data files?” an impressive 86 percent said they trust them. Among these, 33 percent trusted employees “completely.” Of the remaining 14 percent, only a small number (four percent) said they “did not trust them at all.”

    Sandy points out using automatic online data backup is easy. What’s more, it provides the security an SMB needs against data loss. "We all feel more secure now," she says. "We don't worry about losing data and in [the insurance] business, that type of assurance means a lot."

  • Make Security a Company Initiative

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 15, 2014

    We’ve all heard the stories in the news. Hackers get into a company’s database and wreak havoc on things. These attacks cause so much damage that the fallout can last months beyond the attack. We saw this happen last week when the CEO of Target resigned over the company’s 2013 holiday hacking scandal. 

    These high profile hacks at major corporations get a lot of media attention. At SMBs, though, IT professionals know that the internal security issue is the real threat and it is something every employee must work to combat.

    A recent survey sponsored by Carbonite provided evidence that IT professionals at SMBs are not overly concerned with outside hackers trying to steal data. The survey questioned 500 IT professionals at SMBs with fewer than 100 employees. When asked about their level of concern over outside threats, only 22 percent of those surveyed said it was either “very” or “somewhat” likely. By contrast, an overwhelming majority (78 percent) said an outside threat was either “somewhat” or “very” unlikely.

    Make security a company initiative

    On the other hand, internal threats were a major issue for respondents. Those surveyed were asked, “Which of the following, if any, would you rather have employees bring into the workplace compared to their personal cloud applications?” Respondents said they would rather have things like last night’s leftovers, children, pets and the flu. While humorous on the surface, the numbers were not funny. Seventy-one percent said they would rather have employees introduce some kind of significant distraction or interruption to the workplace than personal cloud applications.

    Respondents were also asked about “Rogue IT” - employees going around IT policies and introducing their own applications to their companies’ networks. Those surveyed were nearly evenly split.

    When asked, “How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statement: ‘Rogue IT is an issue at my company,’ meaning, employees go around the IT department when making IT decisions,” 49 percent agreed employees were practicing “Rogue IT,” while 51 percent did not see this as an issue. Nevertheless, 76 percent said at least some employees were using their own personal cloud-based applications for work-related functions.

    Surprisingly, “Rogue IT” takes place in spite of an overwhelming majority of respondents – 83 percent – saying they have formal data security policies and procedures in place for employees. Also, although only seven percent of those surveyed rated employees’ level of understanding as “below average” or “terrible,” only one-fifth felt employees’ understanding was “perfect.”

    IT pros at SMBs obviously have little faith in their fellow employees’ adherence to security programs. That is a problem. Security is the responsibility of everyone in the company, not just the IT department. With the importance of data security so high these days, there should be zero tolerance for ignored policies and procedures. Based on these results, we’re not there yet.

    Employees play a critical role in securing data. SMB owners need to emphasize the broader, holistic ways in which every employee is a custodian for the business, such as by offering workshops on data security or doing regular checkups for their mobile devices.

    In lieu of 100% compliance, SMBs must take precautions against the potential threat from within. They need to automatically back up their data both locally and to the cloud in a “hybrid cloud” backup solution. At least then, if this lack of compliance results in data loss, that data can be recovered and the business will not encounter loss of profit, loss of customers and other negative business impacts.

  • The True Wake of Data Loss

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 14, 2014

    This post is authored by David Friend, co-founder and CEO of Carbonite.

    As an entrepreneur and co-founder of six technology companies, I know what it takes to run a small business – blood, sweat and many tears. In 2005, my business partner and I started Carbonite to provide a simple and affordable backup solution for consumers to help protect their data. But in the midst of the company’s growth we noticed something else: we weren’t just helping consumers; we were saving small businesses too!

    It became increasingly clear that the fundamental pillars on which Carbonite was founded (security, ease-of-use, and affordability) were applicable and desirable to small businesses.

    Data loss can have a huge impact on small businesses. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) states that anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of small businesses fail to reopen after a disaster, primarily due to data loss.

    As most IT personnel have experienced, the impact of data loss is more than just financial.

    Carbonite recently surveyed 500 IT professionals from businesses with fewer than 100 employees about data loss and backup systems. Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of IT professionals surveyed had experienced some form of data loss in their careers.

    SMBs must be extremely protective of their data, for it’s not just their livelihoods at stake.  There are 28 million small businesses in the U.S. who, according to Forbes, employ more than 50 percent of the current working population. With such a large portion of the U.S. workforce at small businesses, it is important that those employees remain content and secure in their positions. Mitigating the risk of data loss through automatic online backup is one thing SMBs can do to achieve that.

    IT professionals who have experienced data loss note that the effects go beyond just the financials of the business. Respondents in our survey (20 percent) found that employees were negatively impacted by data loss as well, including:

    • Work/life balance of employees suffered (25 percent)
    • Office morale suffered (24 percent)
    • The IT department became micro-managed (21 percent)
    • Employees were fired or laid-off (15 percent)
    • Employees quit (11 percent)

    Naturally, financial impacts due to either profit loss or a missed business opportunity were cited the most, at 33 percent and 32 percent respectively.

    Carbonite takes the data backup pain points of SMBs seriously. It’s our number one priority to provide solutions that are secure, easy to use and affordable, while allowing employees to focus on their work without having to think about – or worry about – their data. That piece of mind for employees as well as business owners is invaluable.

  • Data Loss is a Silent Killer to the Bottom Line

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 12, 2014

    The most important asset any business has is its data. Without it, businesses can't keep track of inventory, can't invoice customers, can't run payroll and can't ensure their business goals are being met.

    Data loss is a scary thing for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) says that anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of small businesses fail to reopen after a disaster. A big part of this is due to data loss.

    Over the years, I’ve seen many companies deeply impacted by data loss. Usually this impact is a financial one and sometimes it’s so big the company did not survive. The results of a recent Carbonite-sponsored survey of 500 IT pros at small businesses also illustrate the deep damage data loss causes.

    More than 40 percent of those surveyed said if their companies permanently lost data it was either very likely or at least somewhat likely they would go out of business. Only half that many – 22 percent – felt it was not at all likely their business would fail.

    The survey results also revealed major concerns over decreased profits and lost customers.

    When asked, “Approximately how much would it cost your company in lost revenue if it lost all of its data files?” the largest number of respondents – nearly a third (32 percent) – said the cost would exceed $500,000. (Interestingly, reports show the average of lost revenue due to data loss among all U.S. businesses is more than $585K per year.)

    Fortunately, companies do seem aware of the risk of data loss. A vast majority of respondents (89 percent) claimed to be prepared at some level, while only two percent felt they were “very unprepared.”

    Of course, thinking you’re prepared and knowing it are two different things. Companies have come to us and said that they thought they had a backup system in place. The only time they checked to see if it worked, though, was when they needed to recover data and by then it was too late.

    Data loss inflicts serious damage upon businesses and can close them down for good. That’s why it’s in the best interest of every SMB to plan ahead. Businesses must have a sure-fire backup system in place that can get their businesses up and running after any level of disaster – from a crashed hard drive to a natural disaster. The time for them to find out if they are prepared for data loss is before a disaster happens – not after.

  • Small Business Big Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

    by Megan Wittenberger | May 09, 2014

    Although small businesses may not always get the recognition they deserve, they have an enormous impact on our economy and daily life. Restaurants, dental offices, accounting services, and insurance agencies are just a few of the many types of small businesses that touch our lives each day.

    Technology is making it easier to become an entrepreneur and turn a business idea into a reality. More than 540,000 new businesses are started each month, and this number will only increase as we continue to invest in and support small businesses!

    Here are some other great facts about small businesses:

    • On average it takes less than a week to start a business in the United States
    • The number of small businesses in the U.S. has increased 49% since 1982
    • There are about 8 million people who are employed by SMBs in the U.S.

    Check out our infographic for more SMB facts, and we hope you join us in celebrating Small Business Week!

  • Happy Star Wars Day!

    by Megan Wittenberger | Apr 30, 2014

    When David Friend was trying to think up a name for his newly-formed online backup company, he had one condition. He wanted people to be able to hear the name and immediately know how to spell it. He went through several ideas before settling on Carbonite. It was easy to spell, had that strong, almost metallic feeling he was going for, and had the distinction of being something mentioned in one of his favorite movies.

    Since then, we Carbonistas have continued to experience the Force in our everyday work lives. For this May 4th, we’re giving you a peek into how Star Wars has shaped our corporate culture.

    • Jedi Awards: Some companies hand out Employee of the Month awards, but we do things a bit differently here at Carbonite. Every quarter, we ask for nominations from our employees for two Jedi Masters, who are named and honored at our quarterly company meeting. They get a Yoda bobblehead, a plaque and a sweet cash prize!
    • Conference Rooms: You never think you’ll be able to visit Alderaan, Tatooine or Yavin, but you can if you’re in the Carbonite office. Our conference rooms are named after planets and significant characters from Star Wars, so you can have a staff meeting in Chewbacca or hole up and get some work done in Endor.
    • Data Systems: As a data backup and recovery company, our databases and business intelligence systems are of the upmost importance. We give them names that we think command the respect they deserve. Customer information is housed in Jedi, one of our shared drives is called Kessel, and we have databases as far ranging as Jabba, Amidala and Star Forge.

    Data backup and recovery is serious business (we’ve restored more than 20 billion files that would have otherwise been lost forever) – but as you can see, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

    Thanks for reading, and #MayThe4thBeWithYou

  • Carbonite Security Update: Heartbleed

    by Megan Wittenberger | Apr 14, 2014

    As you may have seen in recent news, a major vulnerability has been exposed in OpenSSL, a popular web encryption software used widely across the internet. This vulnerability – dubbed Heartbleed – makes it possible for hackers to access information transmitted from your computer even though it is being encrypted via the HTTPS protocol. 

    Data privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us. Here’s some information about how Carbonite has been affected by Heartbleed, and what – if any – steps our users need to take.

    Carbonite Personal and Pro are unaffected
    Carbonite Personal and Pro subscriptions do not use the affected encryption software. Your personal data was never at risk. With Carbonite’s Personal and Pro subscriptions, your data is protected by the following safeguards:

    Encryption: Your data is encrypted while on your computer and securely transmitted to our data centers, where it stays encrypted.
    Data centers: Our state-of-the-art data centers are guarded 24/7, employ temperature control and biometric scanners, and have backup generators in the event of a power disruption.
    Third-party compliance audit: We recently completed a six-month audit with an outside firm to ensure all of our practices meet the strict federal guidelines of HIPAA and SOC 2. The external auditor found that we met or exceeded the requirements.

    If any of your other online vendors has been impacted by Heartbleed and you use the same password as you do for Carbonite, we recommend changing both passwords. Your Carbonite password should only be used for our service, and data security best practices state that a password should be at least 10 characters, with capital letters, numbers and symbols.

    Carbonite Sync & Share and Server backup are affected
    We are using the affected software for Carbonite Sync & Share and Carbonite Server backup. Carbonite has not experienced any signs of exploitation as a result of this widespread internet vulnerability, and we have taken immediate steps to remediate the vulnerability and obtain new encryption certificates. These two steps provide full resolution of this issue, however to ensure you are fully protected, we recommend you change your Carbonite password. We are currently in the process of obtaining new security certificates, and will send an email to all Sync & Share and Carbonite Server backup users when it's been completed so they can change their passwords.

  • You Know You're a Business Owner When...

    by Sara Harold | Feb 19, 2014

    There are more than 23 million small businesses in the US. They provide us with things like coffee every morning, dry-cleaned clothes, legal representation, preventative healthcare and tax prep. Take a peek into their lives, and thank a small business owner for all they do today! (Hugs are good too.)

    You can’t count the number of times you’ve heard the phrase “Wears many hats.
    But you know it’s way more than the number of hats you have – metaphorically and in your closet.

     Vacation – what’s that?!
    You can’t remember the last time you made it through an entire vacation without checking in with the office, reading emails or making business calls. Maybe when you retire.

    It drives you crazy when people say, “But you’re your own boss! How hard can that be?”
    If it was this easy, everyone would run their own business.

    You’re a networking machine.

    Whether it’s catching up with the president of the Chamber of Commerce at the post office or running into a potential client at dinner, you always stop to have a word (or 500). How else are you supposed to know what’s going on in your community and industry?!

    You’re a planner.
    A good business plan is a work of art – and you aim to be Van Gogh.