How Does Your SMB Backup?

by User Not Found | Mar 19, 2013

Small businesses are always evolving and looking for tools and solutions to help them remain productive and efficient. Whether you’re running a global enterprise or a local firm, protecting your business critical data is vital to business success.

While SMBs recognize the need to keep their data protected, they are often apprehensive about jumping into the cloud. Spiceworks found that when it comes to backup, SMBs feel like there are myriad obstacles to overcome; including limited budgets, backup know-how (or lack thereof!) and shifting landscapes.

Those challenges seem daunting, but the cloud offers ease of use, reliability and affordability – key factors in the backup buying decision process – and empowers SMBs to backup with confidence knowing that they aren’t busting the budget or straining their already extended resources.

spiceworks_backup report

How is your SMB dealing with data security? Is the cloud a part of your protection plan?