Top Ten Reasons to Bring Summer Fridays to Your Office

by User Not Found | Jun 14, 2013

If you’re one of the lucky 12% of US workers enjoying Summer Fridays – congratulations! If not, we bet this e-card from someecards surely resonates.


So let Carbonite, the Official Sponsor of Summer Fridays, help you explain to your boss why you deserve a few extra weekend hours now through Labor Day weekend. Just share the following list with your supervisor and you could be enjoying a change of scenery come Friday afternoon!

Top Ten Reasons to Bring Summer Fridays to Our Office

10. Spending some time in the sun is the best way to get the Vitamin D I need to stay healthy (i.e., Summer Fridays prevent sick days on Monday).

9. 12% of U.S. workers already enjoy Summer Fridays. Let’s join the cool crowd!

8. With Currents, I can send a file for to any of my collaborators to review and edit no matter where we are.

7. Flexible schedules can increase retention and engagement.

6. It would be awesome to have another reason to tweet about how amazing my workplace is.

5. I can avoid burnout if we conduct our meetings via Google Hangout.

4. The air conditioning is making the office a bit too cold for my liking.

3. I recently heard that treats baked on a Friday afternoon taste best when shared with the boss on Monday morning.

2. Happy employees are productive employees. And my cube-mates and were just talking about how we’re happiest by the pool.

1. With my Carbonite Mobile app, my backed up files are accessible anytime, anywhere!

If you really want to drive it home, make sure to create your own Summer Fridays request letter on our Facebook page. After being presented with a tailored letter and this list of reasons why Summer Fridays should be instituted in every office, your boss may even want to join you at the beach this Friday afternoon!