Happy Star Wars Day!

by Megan Wittenberger | Apr 30, 2014

When David Friend was trying to think up a name for his newly-formed online backup company, he had one condition. He wanted people to be able to hear the name and immediately know how to spell it. He went through several ideas before settling on Carbonite. It was easy to spell, had that strong, almost metallic feeling he was going for, and had the distinction of being something mentioned in one of his favorite movies.

Since then, we Carbonistas have continued to experience the Force in our everyday work lives. For this May 4th, we’re giving you a peek into how Star Wars has shaped our corporate culture.

  • Jedi Awards: Some companies hand out Employee of the Month awards, but we do things a bit differently here at Carbonite. Every quarter, we ask for nominations from our employees for two Jedi Masters, who are named and honored at our quarterly company meeting. They get a Yoda bobblehead, a plaque and a sweet cash prize!
  • Conference Rooms: You never think you’ll be able to visit Alderaan, Tatooine or Yavin, but you can if you’re in the Carbonite office. Our conference rooms are named after planets and significant characters from Star Wars, so you can have a staff meeting in Chewbacca or hole up and get some work done in Endor.
  • Data Systems: As a data backup and recovery company, our databases and business intelligence systems are of the upmost importance. We give them names that we think command the respect they deserve. Customer information is housed in Jedi, one of our shared drives is called Kessel, and we have databases as far ranging as Jabba, Amidala and Star Forge.

Data backup and recovery is serious business (we’ve restored more than 20 billion files that would have otherwise been lost forever) – but as you can see, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Thanks for reading, and #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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