Protecting Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with Carbonite Server Backup

by Megan Wittenberger | May 19, 2014

We are excited to announce that Carbonite Server Backup started supporting Microsoft SQL Server 2014 on the day it was made generally available by Microsoft! With this release, Carbonite provides small businesses a simple, reliable and affordable way to protect their Microsoft SQL Server 2014 databases, along with many other applications and data types.

Carbonite Server Backup recognizes when a SQL Server 2014 database makes use of the new memory-optimized tables and incorporates that into the backup process, so backup administrators do not have to make any changes to their backup jobs. With this solution, users can also flexibly recover their databases on a different SQL Server or with a different name. Additionally, the log backup feature supported by Carbonite Server Backup makes frequent backups practical, improving the Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).


Figure 1: Configuring a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 backup set with Carbonite Server Backup

Carbonite understands that small businesses are dependent on their critical data, and they have distinct needs when it comes to backup and data protection. That is why we have continued to develop and evolve our Server Backup product with small business needs in mind. The solution supports a broad set of data types, all from one user interface. Its hybrid approach enables backing up to local storage AND to the secure cloud. This allows businesses to quickly recover data from local copies in the event of data loss, while providing additional protection from the cloud if the local infrastructure is compromised or becomes unavailable.

Carbonite also comes packed with features that help businesses customize how they back up and recover. These features include: support for full, incremental and differential backups, customizable backup and retention schedules, advanced data compression and bandwidth management capabilities, and exceptional security with private key (PK) encryption for stored backups and Secured Socket Layer (SSL) for data in transit. Lastly, unlike many competing products, Carbonite Server Backup is a subscription-only offering, requiring no upfront licensing fees or infrastructure build-out. With Carbonite Server Backup customers pay one flat annual fee to protect an unlimited number of servers in their environment. All the updates and upgrades are included at no additional cost as well. Now with the support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014, Carbonite Server Backup users can:

  • Backup SQL Server 2014 databases, along with many other applications
  • Manage flexible local and cloud backup and retention schedules
  • Optimize bandwidth utilization and lower storage consumption
  • Enhance security with 256 bit private key encryption and SSL
  • Perform granular database recoveries with local or cloud backups
  • Lower the total cost of data protection while enhancing data availability

Carbonite Server Backup also supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2008, 2005 and 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2010, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, MySQL Server 5.x, Oracle Server 11i, & 11g, Hyper-V: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows NTFS and ReFS file systems.

With support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014, businesses can leverage Carbonite Server Backup to protect their SQL Server 2014 data in a simple, reliable and affordable manner. Visit for more information, and stay tuned for more blog posts about upcoming updates.

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