External auditor finds Carbonite is meeting HIPAA requirements

by Megan Wittenberger | May 29, 2014

 Back in September 2013, we announced that we had started signing Business Associate Agreements (BAAs) with our customers in the healthcare industry that need to back up protected health information (PHI). In order to start signing BAAs, we went through a months-long process of assessing and documenting the physical, administrative and technical safeguards required by HIPAA to make sure we were in compliance with the law.

And while some companies might give themselves a pat on the back and get back to business after completing their own checklist, we decided to take it one step further and bring in an external auditor to ensure we are meeting all requirements.

We’re proud to announce that after a rigorous six-month assessment,
360 Advanced, P.A. confirmed that we are meeting the requirements of a Business Associate under HIPAA!

So what does this mean for our customers?

  1. Get a signed BAA: If your business is backing up PHI, contact our Business Team to get a signed BAA today! You can contact them at 855-227-2249 or by emailing BusinessTeam@carbonite.com.
  2. Your servers and endpoints are covered: Both our Pro and Server plans comply with federal HIPAA regulations. So go ahead, make sure your patient records, email and schedules are backed up!
  3. You can rest easy knowing we have the proper security and privacy safeguards in place: If you would like more information on how we ensure the privacy and integrity of PHI, check out our HIPAA white paper.

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