Announcing Release 4.11 of Carbonite Server Backup

by Megan Wittenberger | Jul 11, 2014

In case you missed it, Release 4.11 of Carbonite Server Backup is now available for download. This release delivers several improvements to the backup experience for the small business community that we serve.

On downloading and installing the release, some of the improvements you may notice include:

  • A configuration and management interface that’s even cleaner and more intuitive than before;
  • The ability for you to do more – even during initial installation – with fewer clicks; and,
  • A newly-intelligent listing of applications installed on your server designed to help you select the right backup types for your business.

We’ve added other capabilities as well. The ability to migrate local backup data from one disk location to another using our interface, for instance. And if you use Read-Only Domain Controllers to manage your IT securely across branch office locations, we’re happy to let you know you can now use Carbonite Server to back these up the way you do other company data.

Early feedback on the new release has been downright positive; thanks for all your kudos. Nothing makes us happier than the prospect of helping you run your business more effectively, leanly, and continuously, by protecting your vital business data for you.

We designed Server Backup from the outset to give you, our small business customers, a way to protect your mission-critical data in a simple, reliable and affordable manner. Server Backup supports long-term retention needs for compliance, regulatory and legal requirements. You can use Server Backup with local disks, NAS file shares and SAN volumes, either as sources or targets. Server Backup supports HIPAA compliance, so you know it’s highly secured, using SSL encryption when transmitting data to the cloud and 128-bit encryption when storing backed up data.

We continue to measure our success in terms of ease of use, operational efficiency, and your peace of mind.

As small business innovators, you’ve made crystal-clear to us that there’s no substitute for rock-solid security and privacy, for truly flexible deployment, or for the ability to customize our products and services so that they back up your data, keep your applications online, and keep your business running continuously.

We could go on, but frankly we’re way more interested in hearing from you. So please
log in to your Carbonite account, choose “Download” under the Carbonite for Servers header at the top of the page to get the latest software release, and enjoy the experience!

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