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Disasters come in many forms, but Carbonite helps businesses protect their data wherever and whenever it's at risk.

Cloud backup solution

Why Backup Matters for Business

For a backup solution to be considered business-grade, it needs to protect data in situations where it’s most likely to be lost. Learn why a true cloud backup solution is the only way to keep business data safe by reading our backup vs. storage info sheet. Find out:

  • The most common ways businesses lose data
  • How cloud storage can put data at risk
  • What cloud backup really means and why it's the best choice for business

 Download the Cloud Storage vs. Backup info sheet

Disaster Recovery solution

True Disaster Recovery

Using the right recovery method in a given situation can significantly improve recovery time. Carbonite gives businesses multiple options for dealing with the different causes of data loss and downtime:

  • Hybrid protection (local & cloud)
  • Granular and image backup options
  • Rapid recovery of files or full system data
  • Dissimilar hardware restore from bare metal

Learn more about Carbonite's disaster recovery solutions 

Carbonite at Work

Thousands of businesses trust Carbonite as their backup solution. See how Carbonite has performed when put to the test in your industry.

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Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

From simple environments with a few workstations to advanced architectures with multiple servers and virtual machines, Carbonite provides the right level of protection with no complexity or overkill.

Workstations & external storage backup

Workstation backup

Carbonite Pro

Automatically and continuously protects business files and data in the cloud, simple to set up and manage on a single machine or across an entire organization.

Recommended for: Customers looking for a cloud-based backup solution to protect workstation data and allow remote access to files from any location or device.

  Add server, database and application backup with Advanced Pro Bundle.

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Physical and virtual server backup

Server backup

Carbonite Server Backup

Software-based solution with hybrid backup and optional Bare Metal Restore (BMR) for rapid recovery from data loss and significantly reduced downtime.

Recommended for: Customers looking for a flexible, software-based solution for simple environments or those with an array of databases or virtual machines .

  Add workstation backup with Advanced Pro Bundle.

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Carbonite-supplied backup appliance lineup

Hybrid disaster recovery appliances

Carbonite Backup Appliance

A lineup of hybrid disaster recovery appliances that enable Bare Metal Restore of full system image or individual, file-level recovery.

Recommended for: Customers looking for a turnkey, on-site hybrid backup solution using Carbonite supplied hardware that they don’t have to upgrade or maintain.

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Free trial includes:

Backup for an UNLIMITED number of computers:

  • Automatic & continuous cloud backup
  • File access for all of your employees, regardless of location

Backup for an UNLIMITED number of servers:

  • Comprehensive hot backup for databases and live applications
  • Local, cloud, or hybrid (local and cloud) backup options
  • Granular backup of files, system state, databases, live applications and Hyper-V
  • Image backup and Bare Metal Restore of system, files, applications and OS
  • Backup: SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL, Oracle, Hyper-V, Windows System State, Windows NTFS & ReFs files and folders.

World-class customer support:

  • Easy setup, including our free Valet Install service
  • U.S.-based tech support available by phone, email and chat, 7 days a week.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.7 or newer
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011, or 2012

Valet Install Service:
Call 1-855-227-2249 for our free Valet Install service.

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