Your work can keep up with you

In high-stakes transactions, you may need to close a deal without having the documents you need on hand. Not a problem. With Carbonite's Sync & Share app, when you've saved a document once, you can instantly access it again from any device that has the app — desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. So, even if your laptop is back at the office, you can easily pull up the latest property and transaction files backed up from your PC.

Automatic backup that includes photo files

Every property, whether commercial, industrial or residential, requires a portfolio of photographs. With Carbonite, your photo files are backed up automatically and are accessible remotely from any Internet-connected device.

Secure access to confidential documents

Carbonite ensures that all data from a customer relationship management (CRM) suite, including Act!, is secure and accessible, giving you the information you need quickly and easily without compromising the trust you've built with your clients and partners.

A data retention policy should your computer hit a glitch

Consider this your safety net...

  • If you accidentally remove a file from your computer, it will remain on our servers for 30 days, giving you the opportunity to restore it.
  • If a file is corrupt you can revert back to an older version. We save up to 90 days' worth of previous versions.
  • And, if you’re using a Server plan, you can customize your retention rate to keep your data as long as you need.

Easy to set up, easy to use, even without an IT degree

With Carbonite, there's no hardware to install or maintain, no wires to connect, no tapes to deal with. Simply install the software - or let us install it for you for free - and we'll take care of the rest. And, once you're up and running, our intuitive, online dashboard shows you at-a-glance which computers you're backing up and which need your attention.

"The professionals at Carbonite are just absolutely unbelievably friendly and courteous and they take their time to help customers the right way."

Sandler Dickson, RE/MAX Professionals Realty

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"We depend on being able to deliver information continuously, without interruption. That's absolutely critical to our business. And Carbonite gives us the ability to do that."

Kris Thompson, PropertyLogix

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Performance Overview

Server Backup

  • Hybrid backup protects data locally and in the cloud
  • Default 128-bit encryption w/256-bit private key option and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transport security
  • Customizable backup minimizes bandwidth consumption during business hours
  • Support for HIPAA, FERPA and GLBA compliance

Workstation Backup

  • Automatic and continuous backups
  • 128-bit Blowfish encryption w/256-bit private key option
  • Sync & Share to work, sync and collaborate remotely 

Database Backup

  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle


File Backup

Carbonite securely backs up common real estate files, including:

  • Credit reports
  • Loan information
  • Contracts
  • Emails
  • Quickbooks
  • Other personally identifiable information (PII)

Remote File Access

  • Log into to your Carbonite account anytime from any computer
  • Access any and all files backed up with Carbonite

Sync & Share

  • Available on all Pro plans and Server Pro Bundle
  • Cloud-based file hosting for 24/7 file access
  • Save, synchronize & share documents across devices
  • Version preservation enables rollback of changes
  • Stores active documents for 30 days
  • 256-bit encryption keeps files and data secure

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Free trial includes:

Backup for an UNLIMITED number of computers:

  • Automatic & continuous cloud backup
  • File access for all of your employees, regardless of location

Backup for an UNLIMITED number of servers:

  • Comprehensive hot backup for databases and live applications
  • Local, cloud, or hybrid (local and cloud) backup options
  • Granular backup of files, system state, databases, live applications and Hyper-V
  • Image backup and Bare Metal Restore of system, files, applications and OS
  • Backup: SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, MySQL, Oracle, Hyper-V, Windows System State, Windows NTFS & ReFs files and folders.

World-class customer support:

  • Easy setup, including our free Valet Install service
  • U.S.-based tech support available by phone, email and chat, 7 days a week.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.7 or newer
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2011, or 2012

Valet Install Service:
Call 1-855-227-2249 for our free Valet Install service.