It's noon on September 14, 2012 and I'm in the back offices of my CPA firm. Typically, the office front door is unlocked during business hours and my wife occupies the front office. I heard the front door open and close, but I thought it was just my wife coming back into the office.
Derrick Doba, CPA

In reality, it wasn't Derrick's wife who entered the office of his CPA firm. When Christiana Doba walked in ten minutes later, she realized that her laptop had been stolen; and along with it, important data from her and Derrick's small businesses, which include photography business and a DJ company.

Getting the data back

Christiana and Derrick had always been extremely vigilant about their Carbonite data backups, so they weren't worried about losing their business data. After getting over the initial shock and feeling that they had been violated by theft, they contacted the police to make a report; but, the police stated that there was almost no chance the laptop would ever be recovered. Derrick and Christiana purchased a new laptop and reinstalled Carbonite. Because Carbonite had saved all of her files on the cloud, they were able to quickly and easily restore them to the new machine. Data disaster averted!

A Surprise...

After she completed her file restore with Carbonite, Christiana noticed some new, unfamiliar photos on her computer. When Derrick confirmed he hadn't uploaded anything to her new computer, she took a closer look and came to the realization that photos had been uploaded to her stolen computer – and subsequently, had been backed up by Carbonite. The new photos on her computer were from someone who had been in possession of their stolen laptop!

Christiana and Derrick called Carbonite, and the customer support team was able to identify where and when the last backup was performed based on the IP address. The Dobas presented this new evidence to the police, who were able to reopen their case. After about two weeks and some social media and local news coverage, someone turned Christiana's laptop into the police station. While she already had gotten her files back with Carbonite, Christiana was grateful to get back the original laptop that contained her and Derrick’s business and personal data.


Quick and simple restore Even when faced with the stress of a theft, Christiana and Derrick didn't have to worry that their files were gone forever. Once Christiana had a new laptop, Carbonite's restore manager ensured that all her files were put right back in their correct spot.
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Automatic backups in the background Derrick and Christiana always appreciated that Carbonite automatically backed up their files in the background whenever they were connected to the internet, but were especially glad of it after the computer was stolen. This meant that the Carbonite software was backing up all of the computer's new files without the people in possession of the stolen laptop even knowing, which led to the police reopening their case.
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Carbonite customer support Carbonite's customer support team was friendly and helpful in a moment of need. The team was able to freeze the Doba's backup, look up the location of the last active backup, and give them the information they needed to take to the police, all while making sure that their restore went smoothly.
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