As an IT professional, I always instituted a formal backup and recovery plan for my business and personal data. But as the years went by, human nature eventually took over and my backups became more sporadic and less reliable.
Mark Batchelor

Batchelor writes software for firms that serve the international accounting industry, and since he works from home, his computer contains important business and personal files. When he started his first business in 1998, he frequently backed up his data, but he slowly decreased the regularity of his backups over the years.

Disaster Strikes

In 2005, Batchelor experienced his first data loss, as the result of hardware failure. He was able to restore his system to about 80 percent of what was previously there, but it took him two long weeks to piece everything together.

Then in 2010, a careless kick of an outlet plug caused his computer's hard drive to fail completely. Though he had been using DVDs to back up, they were out of date, and Batchelor lost financial records, irreplaceable photos and scanned documents that had been since shredded. When

he realized everything was lost, he sent his hard drive to a data recovery service, and was willing to pay thousands of dollars to retrieve his data. After four months of trying, the data recovery specialists gave up and were not able to save any of his data.

A New System

After his catastrophic data loss, Batchelor purchased a Carbonite Personal subscription along with his brand new computer. Not even a year later, another hard drive crashed. But this time, Batchelor was able to recover all of his backed up files from Carbonite. “The Carbonite service was so easy and required no attention from me. I came back to my home office the next day and all of my files were right where they should be – and even in the proper directories,” he said.


Quick and simple restore Unlike Batchelor's previous experiences with data loss, Carbonite's automatic restore feature made file recovery easy and hassle-free.
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Ease of use When he got a new computer, Batchelor was able to easily transfer his subscription to his new PC, so he was up and running in no time.
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Affordable pricing Batchelor appreciates Carbonite's flat annual rate, which is a great value compared to spending thousands to recover a crashed hard drive.
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Peace of mind Now that his computers are protected with Carbonite, he knows he won't have to worry about losing his business files or personal data again. The auto-renewal feature also ensures that his data won't go unprotected.
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