Secure backup solution

Your data is your business. Keep it safe and sound with a secure hybrid data solution from a name you know and trust: Carbonite.

The Carbonite Appliance employs industry-leading encryption technology to keep your data secure. Data is transferred to the cloud with SSL encryption and is stored with AES-256 encryption server-side.

Data Recovery Security

As an added efficiency, data is compressed as it's protected. By eliminating redundant files, you'll gain more local and cloud space while ensuring the fastest and most secure data recovery possible.

At Carbonite, your security is our priority. We're committed to safeguarding your system as data is transferred, saved, stored and restored. See our Security Policy for more details.

HIPAA compliance

We understand that your industry may require you to be compliant with federal regulations. So, if you’re a healthcare or insurance professional looking to safeguard your Protected Health Information (PHI), we support HIPAA compliance by encrypting both locally and in the cloud, and can provide a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

$119999 per year

for 500GB Cloud / 1 TB Local

The Appliance is sold exclusively through Carbonite Partners.

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