System recovery

If the unexpected occurs and your servers are damaged, there’s no need to worry with the Carbonite Appliance. Bare metal restore gives you full system recovery. That includes operating systems, applications, databases and files. Your Carbonite Partner will help you determine when recovery is necessary. Then they’ll restore your system to new, existing or even dissimilar hardware.

Full system restore

Because the Carbonite Appliance is a hybrid solution, your data is saved both on your physical Appliance hardware as well as in the cloud. If your Appliance is not affected, your Carbonite Partner can help you quickly recover your data locally. If the Appliance is damaged, your Carbonite Partner can still restore your full system securely from the cloud. So no matter what happens, you’ll be able to perform full system restore and keep business moving.

$119999 per year

for 500GB Cloud / 1 TB Local

The Appliance is sold exclusively through Carbonite Partners.

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